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Year: 2020

Year: 2020

Social Listening to Boost Revenue for Game Developers

Game developers in India have been looking for ways to diversify and boost their revenue for a while now. Monetization and retention are currently some of the ongoing issues faced by game developing companies, which are resorting to using alternatives such as offering concessions in the price of the mobile games; in order to extend their user base.

Social Listening to Boost Revenue for Game Developers

The game developers are striving to bridge the gap between the market offerings and consumer requirements. They are also taking into consideration the consumer reviews and testimonials of the already existing mobile games in the market in order to design their games depending on the consumers’ interests and preferences. This is where social listening comes into play. With a majority of the people having a social media presence nowadays, it is a surefire way of gaining insight into their interests and passions. Game lovers generally post their preferences and expectations on social media platforms to be shared with other like-minded individuals. 

The game developing companies need to be aware of the consumer intent in purchasing the games. Most of them tend to aspire for mobile games with serene settings and playing in peaceful surroundings; while a few others may prefer different and unique formats for the games (such as: in vernacular or other favourite languages, styles, etc.). The games can be developed using our culture as the basis for themes as a majority of the people are familiar with it. Modifications can be done to popular games so as to increase the number of downloads. This, in turn, helps the game development companies in boosting their revenue generation.

Enhancing Pay-per-click (PPC) Campaigns

Data is the cornerstone for any pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaign. It is imperative that marketers know what their primary goal from their paid search (PPC) campaigns is. They need to declutter the excess data before attempting to revamp the campaigns. 

Automation to Bolster PPC campaign

Enhancing Pay-per-click (PPC) Campaigns

A few methods of enhancing the paid search campaigns are listed below:

  • Monitoring the channels and campaigns: In case the marketers are conducting their campaigns across multiple channels; it is highly essential to observe which channel is performing well for their primary key performance indicator (KPI).
  • Monitoring the budget and impression share: It is a good practice for marketers to assess the budget and evaluate the search impression share (as it mainly depends on bidding on their own branded terms). 
  • Applying bid adjustments as per hour of day and day of week: Generally, manual bid management is done at the keyword level. Marketers can adjust the bids by hour of day or day of week depending on the performance in order to boost the results.
  • Making bid adjustments depending on the location: Some locations perform better than others. It is imperative to evaluate the performance based on the location and make the bid adjustments accordingly. 

Conducting search query analysis and checking for negative keywords: Marketers need to conduct search query analysis in order to check for negative keywords so that they can eliminate these keywords from their campaigns (as they may not convert).

Sustainability of Buddhism in the Wellness Organization Test (Clause)

With the ever-changing trends in the means and the surroundings, establishing efficient wellness arrangement becomes imperative. Humankind ride the surround and are subsequently healthiness. Buddhist life-style dictates for preset slipway of aliveness that obedience edubirdie reviews hum spirit and the surround.


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The nous of an someone is attributed with the ascendance every expression and activity of the eubstance. Advanced doctors are faced with the dispute of dealings with mind-related ailments. Late developments indicate that the nous can be the campaign of malady, also as, be an inevitable root of intervention.

Learnedness how to mull can be real helpful in torso growing and healthcare. It is now unmistakable that treating diseases that are considered life-threatening ride the bodoni engineering and skill. Countries alike Thailand get highly-developed an improper way of treating diseases same cancer.

Therein circumstance, the holistic method of handling is vulgar drill in Thailand. The holistic method of discussion is based on nature’s intercourse with man. So, the discourse promotes the use speculation skills and related benefits (Hathirat 1983).

The dealer bum this eccentric of intervention is the Buddhist teachings. Buddhists debate that scarce alike fe and eat, the hum judgment can give things that are harmful to the consistence (Paonil & Sringernyuang 2002). Therein compliments, having bad thoughts bequeath finally leash to the like minus results.

From this position, a cancer patient is needful to unwind and muse on confident thoughts (Paonil & Sringernyuang 2002). The patient should not retrieve negatively since such may causa end.

Buddhist teachings are open some how to survive one’s liveliness. In almost cases, the Buddhism advises on what character of nutrient to eat in ordering to continue goodly (Paonil & Sringernyuang 2002).


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Complete the eld, so many environmental problems that deliver been associated with the like are caused by man activities. Faith led by Buddhism exponent for the aegis of the environs. Buddhism has several concerns approximately the methods of environmental conservation.

Buddhism emphasizes on the interconnectedness construct among the believers. From the conception, citizenry recrudesce gross repose betwixt ego, god and nature. The philosophy stipulates that every act moldiness be based on the preface of interconnectedness.

The interconnectedness philosophy gives earth for the coevals of pocket-sized, pity and equaliser among the believers. Accordingly, this translates into a extenuation of against hurt through to the surround. Buddhism teachings order that destroying the environs has disconfirming implications on man sprightliness (Ratanakul 2004).

Thrum compassionateness is another agent that Buddhism uses to protect the surround. Done Buddhism, mankind realise that the trauma against liveliness is an odium to deity. Besides, Buddhism is all roughly heartsease with manhood, God and nature.

Buddhism acknowledges that homo wretched can be relieved by life in temperance and serenity with over-the-counter forms of living. In perfume, thither moldiness be a equalizer betwixt selflessness and pleasance (Ratanakul 2004). Thither are benefits of victimization Buddhism teachings in operational economies that intemperately ride the environs.

Buddhism is mindful that environs sustainability only depends on how mankind gain from the like (Ratanakul 2004). A graeco-roman model of how industrialisation has ruined the environs poses expectant risk for the next generations.

Tod, highly-developed economies are quest https://foursquare.com/v/eubirie/56704ef498e7bce56f43561 assistant from underdeveloped countries that are yet to hurt the surround. The magnitude of stream environmental end explains why worldwide calefacient is termed as risk to hum beingness.


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Hathirat, S. 1983, ‘Buddhist monks as community wellness workers in Thailand’, Mixer Skill & Medication , vol. 17, no. 19, pp. 1485-1487.

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Ratanakul, P 2004, ‘Buddhism, wellness and disease’, Eubios Daybook of Asian and Outside Bioethics , vol 15, pp. 162-164.

Crucial HTML Meta Tags for Successful Search Engine Optimization

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) meta tags are crucial for ensuring the success of search engine optimization (SEO). You are conveying to the search engines: the purpose of your web page, the apt method of reading it, as well as the target viewers who are supposed to view the web page; by making use of appropriate meta tags in the correct way.

Crucial HTML Meta Tags for Successful Search Engine Optimization

Listed below are a few of the most vital meta tags needed for search engine optimization as well as the ways to make the most of these meta tags:

  • Title Tags: The title tag is your primary attribute. It is self-explanatory and gives visitors an idea about the content in the webpage. The title tag appears in the form of a clickable headline in the search engine results pages (SERPs), browsers and on social networks.
  • Meta Description Tags: As the name suggests, a meta description tag includes a brief description of the content in a webpage. It appears along with the title and the page URL in the search engine results page snippets.
  • Heading Tags: Heading tags are the HTML tags used to segregate the headings and subheadings from within your content. They enable users to navigate easily through the content in your webpage.
  • Image Alt Attributes: The image alt attribute is added to an image tag for explaining its contents. 

ZEE5 Establishes ZEE5 Club to Offer Optimum Content

OTT (Over the top) VOD (video on demand) platform ZEE5 has established ZEE5 Club, its latest OTT entertainment television pack that offers optimum content to the viewers. The ZEE5 Club pack provides the viewers with access to several ongoing popular shows prior to their being telecast on TV.

ZEE5 Establishes ZEE5 Club to Offer Optimum Content

This latest offering is in accordance with the platform’s dedication to homogenize access to the displayed content for the varied Indian viewers over different languages, genres and the wide range of devices. The ZEE5 Club pack will be made available at the cost of Rs. 365 /- per annum. ZEE5 Club enables the subscribers to avail high-quality entertainment content without the common interruption of ads. This OTT entertainment pack has been developed taking into consideration several factors such as the assorted regional favourites, the contrasting user behaviour as well as multiple viewership lineups. It will provide the viewers with a coherent and customized content viewing experience.

ZEE5 is an Indian SVOD (subscription video on demand) entertainment platform/service which was established in February 2018 by ZEE Entertainment Enterprises. It provides content in 12 languages (like Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Odia, Bhojpuri, and English). It streams original shows, already existing TV shows, web series, and movies.

Enhancing Website Expertise, Authority and Trust (E-A-T)

E-A-T (Expertise, Authority and Trust) is a constantly evolving trend in regard to search engine optimization (SEO). It is a means of expunging misinformation and trimming the content in order to present authentic and accurate information on any website. E-A-T is also used as a measure of the quality of the content presented on a website.

Enhancing Website Expertise, Authority and Trust (E-A-T)

You can make use of the Person, Organization or Local Business schema in order to enhance your website content’s expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. Also, you need to make sure to audit your external links by using a trustworthy crawler of your choice. A few other methods for enhancing your website’s expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness include:  addressing and removing the spammy/low-quality comments from your web pages since they impact the overall quality of the web pages, as well as retaining the good/positive comments and replying to those users; along with conducting research on your website in the search engine results pages (SERPs) in order to check your website’s online reputation and whether there are any issues related to your website that you need to resolve. In addition, you need to terminate: auto-generated content, paid link campaigns, and low-quality local landing pages. 

These are some of the surefire ways of enhancing your website’s E-A-T as well as ensuring that it remains intact for a long time.

YouTube Introduces a New Metric for Income Calculation

YouTube is introducing a new metric for calculating the income generated by video creators. This metric appears in the channel analytics section of YouTube from which the YouTube video creators can learn how much earnings their videos are yielding in relation to the number of views.

YouTube Introduces a New Metric for Income Calculation

The metric contrasts total income against total views in order to provide the creators with an apt method of keeping track of any variations in the generated income over a period of time. RPM (Revenue per mille) is an estimate of the earnings per 1000 views. All the revenue reported in YouTube Analytics is multiplied by 1000 and the result is divided by the total number of views in the same time period. This gives the Revenue per mille (RPM). YouTube video creators need to review and assess their RPM frequently in order to find ways of enhancing their video creation efforts and boosting the number of views that their videos receive. RPM takes into consideration the total number of views for any video (including non-monetizing videos); the exact revenue earned after revenue share takes place; as well as the total revenue as reported in YouTube Analytics combining the ads, YouTube Premium memberships, all the channel memberships, Super Stickers and Super Chat. RPM is also an efficient method of measuring the return on investment (ROI).

Search Engine Optimization Enhancement Tactics

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an integral aspect of digital marketing. It is very imperative to remain up to date and implement feasible as well as workable search engine optimization tactics. This ensures higher visibility for the brand or business in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Conducting Competition Analysis for Search Engine Optimization
Conducting Competition Analysis for Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Enhancement Tactics

Listed below are a few General SEO tips: 

  • Using and optimizing video since it has a higher chance of retention in the minds of the audience
  • Concentrating on user intent as it is the primary reason for search engine optimization
  • Building expertise, authority and trust (E-A-T) by developing incredible content and web pages
  • Developing user-friendly content by keeping in mind the user trends, human behaviours and personas
  • Managing client expectations to have repeat visits and associations with them
  • Making use of referrals for personalizing the calls to action (CTAs)
  • Choosing a short domain that can be easily remembered
  • Ensuring that all variations of the website are available in search engine results pages (SERPs)

Listed below are a few Mobile SEO tips: 

  • Adopting a ‘mobile-first’ approach
  • Checking whether accelerated mobile pages (AMP) and progressive web apps (PWA) are needed for boosting mobile search traffic
  • Removing pop-ups and interstitials from mobile
  • Implementing scroll tracking with Google Tag Manager on the accelerated mobile pages
  • Inserting forms in the accelerated mobile pages

Reasons for Brands to Align with Consumer Behaviour

With the global lockdown caused by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, consumers are turning more and more toward online transactions. The crisis has significantly impacted consumer behaviour altogether in other ways, as well. This scenario has created an unprecedented surge in demand for the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies.

Reasons for Brands to Align with Consumer Behaviour

There is a notable boost in the consumption of traditional and ayurvedic food items. Most of the brands have responded appropriately to these changing circumstances and have developed innovative products for the consumers in accordance with their requirements. Experts believe that this trend of online dependence is going to continue even long after the crisis has passed. Brands which make the most of this opportunity are much more likely to benefit in the long run. Presently, consumers are opting for digital services and platforms in almost every walk of life. It is imperative that the FMCG brands learn to swiftly align themselves to this shifting consumer behaviour. For instance, partnering with online delivery service platforms in order to better serve the consumers can help the brands to maintain their credibility in the long term. 

The social impact of the crisis is likely to last for a longer duration than the economic impact. So it is highly essential that brands are prompt and amenable to align themselves to the changing market conditions.

Using Content for Marketing amid Tough Times

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis is having an adverse effect on online marketing. Due to the shift in consumer behavior, most of the brands and businesses are passing through a tough phase. It is imperative for the brands to focus on their marketing efforts now more than ever. 

Using Content for Marketing amid Tough Times

Making use of content is one of the surefire ways of achieving marketing success. Developing compelling content will go a long way towards gaining marketing traction. Also, brands need to make sure that they have more than sufficient content as backup to drive their marketing efforts. Listed below are a few tactics to leverage content in marketing:

  • Conducting a content audit: This indicates first identifying and then reevaluating the goals and metrics, revisiting the previously developed content and making appropriate changes for generating maximum engagement
  • Making use of videos: Videos are a great way of grabbing the attention of the target audience. Visual stimulation helps in retaining the content for a long period of time.
  • Having fully researched content assets that can be repurposed later: It is a good practice to have fully researched content assets as backup in order to repurpose them as and when required.
  • Creating content that is appropriate and relevant to the ongoing circumstances: It is highly essential to create sensitive, informative as well as engaging content that helps the audience during these trying times.
  • Keeping content production continuous: Content creation is an ongoing process. It is a good idea to be active on various social media platforms with several different forms of content production, such as blogs, infographics, podcasts, videos, and such.