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March 3, 2020 - BrandNexa
Month: March 2020

Day: March 3, 2020

Facebook jumpstarts ‘More Together’ Campaign

Social media platform Facebook has jumpstarted a new marketing campaign, ‘More Together.’ The campaign demonstrates how people throughout the country can do more together by making use of their connections on Facebook.

Created by Taproot Dentsu agency, ‘More Together’ is the first campaign launched by Facebook in India. Also, India is the first country in the Asia Pacific region where such a campaign is being launched. ‘More Together’ is a 360­° marketing campaign broadcast across various mediums such as television, radio, out-of-home, digital and cinema. The first advertisement of the campaign featured youth celebrating ‘Holi’ and sharing the festive spirit using the connections made on their Facebook app. The campaign has been released in and will further feature in eight languages. The campaign is based on the stories of real people on Facebook. It highlights the power of connections.

Facebook jumpstarts ‘More Together’ Campaign
Facebook jumpstarts ‘More Together’ Campaign

Facebook jumpstarts ‘More Together’ Campaign

Mr. Bharat Sikka created the out-of-home ads, which feature people such as Sanjyot Keer from Your Food Lab, Kamiya Jani from Curly Tales, Madhura Bachal from Madhuras Recipe, Paula McGlynn and Sarang Sathaye from BhaDiPa, Chhavi Mittal and Mohit Hussein from SIT; Varun Pruthi and Maithili Thakur, both of whom leveraged the power of Facebook to fulfil their aspirations.

Facebook has helped in connecting with loved ones, growing businesses, supporting the local communities; as well as in finding ways to share and celebrate.

Leveraging In-person Networking as Brand Strategy

In today’s competitive world, skills such as creative thinking, logical reasoning, personal rapport building and communication are very essential. Companies and brands need to make use of these skills in order to enhance their business.

Social media has become extremely popular and more prevalent these days. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are the preferred media used by businesses for promoting their brands online. They can also be used for generating leads and turning them into conversions. 

Leveraging In-person Networking as Brand Strategy
Leveraging In-person Networking as Brand Strategy

Leveraging In-person Networking as Brand Strategy

But, despite connecting people from all over the world, social media is missing a crucial element of human interaction: trust. Critical decisions and important choices are not being made due to the lack of in-person communication. Statistics show that there is a need for balance between digital and real connections in order to get profitable business and create a credible business structure.

Listed below are some ways of boosting your marketing and sales::

  • Encouraging networking
  • Conducting in-person meetings
  • Making it big
  • Enhancing employee brand engagement
  • Being open
  • Following up

Networking involves investing in people who have soft skills, conducting in-person meetings, sponsoring or hosting events to make the brand stand out, encouraging employees to become subject matter experts, managing and nurturing leads with timely follow-ups.