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March 17, 2020 - BrandNexa
Month: March 2020

Day: March 17, 2020

HP India Rolls Out #KhelTohSaraRangonKaHai Campaign

Information technology company HP (India) has rolled out a new campaign to facilitate the use of technology in classrooms. Titled ‘KhelTohSaraRangonKaHai’, the campaign showcases how technology aids in providing a fun classroom experience from day to day.

Created by Autumn GREY, the campaign features the traditional classroom approach with a poetic running commentary and emphasizes the need to shift from this conventional method of teaching. The teacher in the classroom calls HP technicians who transform the classroom into a colourful paradise with various pictures and props. The students are all very excited while coming to school and entering their class the next time. 

HP India Rolls Out #KhelTohSaraRangonKaHai Campaign

The campaign stresses the importance of imbuing colours into the learning patterns in schools. HP’s simple and efficient technological solutions have made it possible for children to enjoy coming to school; and also brought smiles to their faces. It has been broadcast on TV as well as on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and so on. 

HP produces hardware (laptops, desktops, printers, keyboards, monitors, scanners, mouses, digital cameras); software (HP OpenView, ArcSight, Atalla, TippingPoint, Fortify Software); as well as information technology consulting and associated services. It operates in more than 20 offices across India.

Conducting Competition Analysis for Search Engine Optimization

Competitor analysis is one of the most vital steps to take prior to building a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. This analysis probes into your competition’s keywords, content, links and on-site search engine optimization; giving you a clear picture of what lies ahead. 

Links, content and technical search engine optimization are the three areas you must focus on to conduct a conclusive competitor analysis. Conducting this analysis enables you to learn your current position and the tasks you need to do for moving forward; as it provides you with the following details:

  • The techniques that actually work in your industry
  • The keywords which your competitor is looking for
  • How your competition is gaining links
  • How your competition is creating content
  • What steps the competition is taking for on-page search engine optimization
  • The weaknesses present in your competition’s SEO strategy
  • How you need to implement search engine optimization tasks
  • How you can beat the competitors

You need to discover your competition’s weaknesses and how to monopolise them so that your website can reach its full capacity in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Also, you must assess what actually works in your industry. Conducting content gap and keyword gap analyses is a significant aspect of competitor analysis. 

Conducting Competition Analysis for Search Engine Optimization

Content gap analysis includes figuring out whether your content is outdated, whether it is not covering the topic in depth, whether there is a need for more uniqueness and differentiation in your content as the topic has already been covered by others, and whether your content is hard to read for users. This analysis helps you in creating accurate content which can be positioned as an authority on the topic. As a result, you can get more social shares.

Keyword gap analysis enables you to use your competitor’s data for discovering the keywords which are capable of driving traffic to your website. It also helps you in mining valuable keyword opportunities. This analysis helps you find new customers by checking out the questions which they ask while researching topics. Thus, you can figure out ways to beat your competition and supplant them in the search engine results pages.

You need to find out a few aspects of your competition’s link profiles, such as: exactly how many links they have, their overall backlink history, whether they have any popular links (.gov, .edu, etc.), and whether they created any compelling content that is generating these links. Learning all these details may provide insights as to what the competition is doing to gain top positions in the search engine results pages.

Thus, competitor analysis enables you to tweak your own search engine optimization strategy and move ahead of the competition.