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April 2, 2020 - BrandNexa
Month: April 2020

Day: April 2, 2020

Customizing Your Marketing Strategy amid Isolation- Apt Pointers

Amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, everybody is alternating between fear and caution. In spite of social distancing, marketers need to connect and build trust with their audiences for achieving lead generation.

Customizing Your Marketing Strategy amid Isolation- Apt Pointers

Given below are a few pointers for customizing your marketing strategy during this current period of forced isolation:

  • Using videos
  • Using animated videos
  • Repurposing your presentations
  • Refreshing your keyword research
  • Creating compelling content for your blog
  • Being more active on social media

You can use videos to get close to your leads and customers. Sending a self-introductory video to a prospect, giving quick product demonstrations to the prospects, onboarding new customers with personalized welcome and thank you videos, as well as providing clear customer support are a few ideas. 

You can use animated/simulation videos for narrating your origin story, making data far more entertaining, promoting your products/services, explaining complicated ideas and convincing others to take action. Embedding these videos on your website or sharing them on social media are good plans.

You can repurpose your presentations by exporting them as videos, saving your best slides as images and sharing them on your social channels, converting segments of them into animated GIFs as well as re-creating them as infographics.

Think about your ideal customer and make an educated guess as to what questions he/she will be asking. Ensure that you have the relevant content for answering these questions and then determine those keywords which you should be targeting for every stage of their buying journey.

High quality content is always the most important consideration. While developing new content, you need to ensure that you are concentrating on helping people. Also, you need to be a trusted source for inspiration and information. Helping your community by using free sources also goes a long way towards establishing trust.  

Maintaining a social media presence is essential during these times. You will have new content such as videos, blog posts, infographics and other visuals for sharing on social media. However, you also need to concentrate on supporting your community, social listening and communicating with your followers.

Techniques for Attaining Perfect Quality Score for Keywords

Quality score is a medium that takes the measure of your keywords. Gaining a deep understanding of the mechanics of quality score is the first step for attaining a perfect quality score. You need to have this perfect quality score in order to appease your clients.

Quality Score for Keywords

Techniques for Attaining Perfect Quality Score for Keywords

The fundamental elements of quality score are given below:

  • Predictable click-through rate (CTR)
  • Ad relevance
  • Landing page experience 

Predictable click-through rate (CTR):

Microsoft and Google generally determine the competitors for comparing your click-through rate with. Then they will assess your click-through rate by considering whether you have, better, worse or similar performance. A good advertiser would meet all the known and even unknown criteria and have the best click-through rate.

Ad relevance:

Correctly matching the keywords you are bidding on to the ad copy creative is the best way to manage an account. By doing this, you are displaying consistency and stability to the ad networks. If the exact keywords you are bidding on and which are included in ads are placed on your landing pages, you can gain bonus points.bidding on any term implies that it should appear on the landing page more than 10 times and the ad should include that term at least three times.

Landing page experience:

Ad networks expect high landing page loading speed, easy navigation of the landing page, and other commonly known experience standards from you. You must focus your efforts on making sure that your conversion rate optimization (CRO) is accurate. 


Spending a lot of money on single ad keyword groups/campaigns (SKAGs/SKACs), pausing all low-quality score keywords and including quality score in everyday conversation are some of the tips for attaining a perfect quality score.