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April 9, 2020 - BrandNexa
Month: April 2020

Day: April 9, 2020

Prompting a Business to Focus on Search Engine Optimization

Businesses need to take the search engine optimization (SEO) aspect away from their respective information technology (IT) departments. The digital marketing tools and techniques currently available can work in any setting; including even at the enterprise level.

It is essential for copywriters to learn how to write search engine-friendly copy. They should use the list of keywords in a coherent manner to create meaningful and compelling content. They need to understand the relevance of the copy, along with the end-user effectiveness. The content creators should have free choice to create the requisite content. But, it is the SEO team that makes the final decision on what content actually reaches the audience based on whether the content is aligning with the business goals.

Prompting a Business to Focus on Search Engine Optimization

Given below are a few elements to consider while building an SEO strategy:

  • Budgeting and evaluating fiscal impact by having a solid foundation that can ensure results
  • The size of your business and organizational hierarchy can greatly impact the outcome of your SEO strategy
  • Contribution of each team member to the overall SEO plan:
  • SEO Manager sets the strategy, direction and end results
  • SEO Specialist undertakes the on-page optimization of content, off-page optimization of links and optimization of social media strategy (wherever applicable)
  • Link Builder builds all the links back to a specific website
  • Content Writer follows the SEO manager’s recommendations for creating content
  • Social Media Manager sets the tone and style of social media posts