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April 21, 2020 - BrandNexa
Month: April 2020

Day: April 21, 2020

Transformation of Search Engine Results Pages by COVID-19

Search engine results pages (SERPs) have undergone a major transformation in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Google has added a new sticky side menu functionality on the left side of the SERP which served as an alert for this worldwide pandemic. Now, there is every chance that this menu functionality will continue to remain a part of the SERPs, moving forward.

Transformation of Search Engine Results Pages by COVID-19

There is a substantial amount of raw data that is being directly presented in the search engine results pages. Also, the side menu functionality helps Google is taking personalization to a whole new level. Google can offer personalized results with the help of user input. The sticky menu functionality enables the user to shift back and forth between various menu options that provide the results on  multiple user intents on different tabs. All of this is possible by inputting only a single query in the search engine. The functionality also allows Google to participate in a topical intent-based segregation. The momentous changes in search behavior and user intents have compelled Google to regularly modify and update its search engine results pages. 

Businesses need to test and identify problem areas in their SEO (search engine optimization) strategy to better enhance their value proposition while also remaining relevant to the trends the users are searching for.