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May 6, 2020 - BrandNexa
Month: May 2020

Day: May 6, 2020

Positive Outlook of Advertisers amid Crisis

In the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, advertisers have managed to retain their positive outlook towards business. They have picked up spending on their campaigns once again. The crisis has had a miscellaneous impact on businesses; with a few being severely affected while others have experienced a surge in demand for their products/services.

Shifting Organic Landscape in Retail Industry amid COVID-19 Crisis

Positive Outlook of Advertisers amid Crisis

For instance, businesses such as those in the travel and tourism industry have recommenced paid search advertising on Google and Bing. There has not been any major shift in consumer search behaviour. However, some of the search queries have resumed for long term cruises, conferences, vacations, and so on. Statistics have indicated that paid search conversions have improved to around 89% of those during pre-COVID times. Businesses that had withdrawn from advertising previously have stated that they did that to regroup and devise plans for the future, moving forward. 

It is now time for businesses to focus on improving their performance. It is very imperative for them to have contingency plans for the changing scenarios. As of now, various companies are viewing the positive results of investing in branding and search engine optimization. Even if the businesses don’t witness steady and rapid growth, they are all expected to be in full recovery once the crisis passes.