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May 16, 2020 - BrandNexa
Month: May 2020

Day: May 16, 2020

Techniques for Blending Traditional and Digital Marketing

Even during present times, traditional marketing is a beneficial resource for any B2B (business to business) organization. Marketers need to adopt an integrated, omnichannel outlook in order to drive leads across the sales funnel and to convert the prospects into customers. Creating an effective marketing strategy involves combining traditional marketing tactics with the digital approach.

Digital Marketing

Techniques for Blending Traditional and Digital Marketing

Listed below are a few techniques for blending traditional and digital marketing:

  • Combining cold calling with intent data
  • Blending print media and deep media nurturing
  • Adding geotargeting to the traditional content platforms
  • Blending direct mail with lead nurturing

Integrating intent data into the cold calling process is essential for optimizing the conversion rates. Intent data provides relevant information on the prospects; thus helping marketers reach potential customers while cold calling. 

Blending print media advertising and deep media nurturing enable marketers to reach their prospects over multiple channels and to boost the probability of conversions. Print media offers the advantage of being flexible in terms of ad placement.

Integrating geotargeting into the traditional content platforms such as banners and billboards helps marketers in enhancing their brand awareness, fortifying their brand messaging, as well as attracting new audiences.

Direct mail provides a multitude of personalization opportunities to build trust in the prospects and prompting them to respond. Lead nurturing is essential for optimizing the conversion rates. By blending direct mail and lead nurturing, marketers can boost conversions and augment their return on investment (ROI).