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May 29, 2020 - BrandNexa
Month: May 2020

Day: May 29, 2020

IGTV Introduces Monetization Offerings

IGTV Introduces Monetization Offerings: With influencer marketing gaining momentum and content creation getting incentivized, IGTV (Instagram Television) has introduced monetization offerings for content creators. Initially, there will be two monetization offerings: ads and badges. 

IGTV Introduces Monetization Offerings

The ads of a primary group of 200 approved creators will be shown and monetized at the onset. These ads will generally be from huge name brand advertisers such as Puma, Ikea, Sephora, and so on. These ads will appear only after the users click away from the feed preview and then click to view the full-screen version. The ads will be in the form of vertical videos and run for a duration of 15 seconds. The users will tap through these ads and not swipe up.

IGTV badges will be sold through Instagram Live at different price ranges. Viewers can choose among three badges. Once a user buys a badge, it will be displayed in front of the user’s name and their corresponding comments will be prioritized and positioned higher than those of other users. The current surge in TV viewership and app usage in the face of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis has given rise to more content creation and increased chances for the viewers to discover and appreciate new content.

Government and political entities cannot partici[pate in this monetization scheme.