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June 8, 2020 - BrandNexa
Month: June 2020

Day: June 8, 2020

Techniques for SEO-friendly Rebranding and Domain Migration

Rebranding is a very common occurrence while running any business. The reasons for this may vary from being a business decision to being the result of a company acquisition. Changing the domain name may also take place at the same time. All of this, in turn, may impact the website’s organic search performance.

Conducting Competition Analysis for Search Engine Optimization

Techniques for SEO-friendly Rebranding and Domain Migration

Listed below are a few techniques for ensuring an SEO-friendly (search engine optimization) rebranding and domain migration:

  • Generating signals well in advance (if possible): Marketers can ease the process of transition for both the users and Google by using the old website and domain as the mediums for delivering the signals of said transition over a period of time. These signals can be generated:
  1. Internally, through changes in the content and metadata
  2. Externally, through traditional marketing along with public relations (PR)
  • Retaining the URL structures (if possible): Retaining the previous URL structures and maintaining the content levels can help in keeping most of the signals unified. This also makes redirecting easier.
  • Integrating previous brand searches through content: Both new and existing users may still have queries across the previous platform. It is imperative to integrate previous brand searches through: frequently asked question (FAQ) pages, support sections as well as blogs.
  • Generating new signals: It is highly essential that marketers generate new signals for the new domain and brand through the processes of traditional marketing, link building, or digital public relations (PR).