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June 15, 2020 - BrandNexa
Month: June 2020

Day: June 15, 2020

Techniques for Productive Content Marketing

Marketing is a multi-layered process that includes several steps. It is highly imperative that the marketers have streamlined, organized, and optimized marketing processes (beginning from the planning stage till the distribution stage) and attain similar outcomes within a smaller time frame (turnaround time).

Techniques for Productive Content Marketing

Listed below are a few techniques that marketers can use to save time during their marketing campaigns:

  • Brainstorming content ideas in several batches: Marketers need to focus on creative thinking and come up with as many content ideas as they can.
  • Capturing the ideas as and when they occur: Marketers need to capture the content ideas as and when they occur in their minds.  
  • Planning the promotion prior to the creation: Marketers should plan in advance how they are going to promote and repurpose the content pieces, prior to creating them.
  • Using an outline as the basis: It is a good practice to use an outline as the basis for content creation.
  • Separating research from writing: Research should be conducted and links should be collected before starting the content writing process.
  • Creating long-form content within short sessions: It is a good practice to segregate the writing time into short sessions by taking intervals in between.
  • Creating a repeatable process: Marketers need to organize the overall promotion and distribution process and develop a checklist that can be used whenever required
  • Reusing copy from base content: The copy from the base content can be customized and repurposed in various formats.
  • Building in future buffer time: Marketers need to block certain time periods so that they can re-promote, repurpose, update/optimize the content after it has gone live. This saves time in the future.