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July 10, 2020 - BrandNexa
Month: July 2020

Day: July 10, 2020

Brand Communication post Lockdown

Consumers are attempting to acclimatize themselves to the current circumstances following the lockdown now. Brands are setting up communications that guide the consumers towards going through this phase smoothly. 

Brand Communication post Lockdown

Listed below are a few examples of the way some of the brands have been communicating over the past few days:

McDonald’s – Hungry Houses

In order to motivate people to stay at home and pick the option of ordering food to be delivered; McDonald’s, in association with Leo Burnett, has rolled out an integrated campaign which is titled ‘Hungry Houses.’ The campaign underscores the need to #StayHome but not hungry.

ICICI Lombard – #RestartRight

With consumers resuming their professional duties post the lockdown; ICICI, in association with Ogilvy, has rolled out a new campaign that prompts people to ‘restart’ their life in the ‘right’ way. It also communicates the upgrading of its health insurance solutions in light of the pandemic.

Ikea – Home Lessons

Furniture retail company Ikea has rolled out a campaign titled ‘Home Lessons’ which showcases the lessons that people have learnt during their isolation at home following the lockdown; such as: experimenting with new recipes, redecorating and other DIY (do it yourself) projects; as well as enjoying a night in.