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July 17, 2020 - BrandNexa
Month: July 2020

Day: July 17, 2020

New Features of Google Responsive Search Ads

Google has announced that it is introducing new features for its responsive search ads (RSA) copy options. The features are location insertion and countdown customizers. Also, there are enhanced copy recommendations and suggestions; as well as the rolling out of cross-campaign asset reporting.

New Features of Google Responsive Search Ads

An RSA (responsive search ad) gathers all the elements of an ad copy and segregates them into ‘assets.’ It considers the elements such as: headlines and body copy of the ad as two distinct ‘assets’, in which all the versions of each element are catalogued. The Ad system then picks an asset from each element and combines them in order to create an ad with complete text. This process enables testing the ad at scale and also provides swift insights into which copy and combinations are reflecting the searchers’ queries.

Location extension insertion lets the advertisers insert a placeholder which notifies Google to display the city or state or country depending on the location which the potential customers are searching from, or the location which they seem to be interested in. This is in turn according to the location targeting type of the campaign.

Countdown customizers are used to prompt the sales to commence quickly by letting the advertiser assign an end date for a process. The time particulars for the countdown may be adjusted for different time zones depending on the searcher’s location or they can be set at a global level without the need for timezone adjustments.

PPC Metrics to Consider for Positive ROI

Running a PPC (pay per click) account successfully involves using the trial and error method. It helps in forging a path towards obtaining positive ROI (return on investment). The method includes knowing: which metrics to concentrate on, what sort of improvement is needed in the metric, what duration to let the testing go on before checking the metric again.

Automation to Bolster PPC campaign

PPC Metrics to Consider for Positive ROI

Focusing on these questions enables you to infuse the correct workflow, structure and strategy into your PPC campaign. It is imperative to concentrate on these main metrics: core metrics (significant indicators of success/failure), directional metrics (not essential to be accountable for, but helpful for guiding management efforts), and vanity metrics (superficial/for show). 

The core metrics for sales/leads include conversions, CPA (cost per acquisition/conversion), conversion rate, and ROAS (return on ad spend); while the directional metrics for sales/leads include CTR (click-through rate), impression share (for particular keywords/campaign), top of page rate, and the average CPC (cost per click); and the vanity metrics for sales/leads include quality score, the number of impressions, and the optimization score.

The core metrics for brand awareness include impression share (top of page and absolute top of page), the number of impressions, the number of views, and the brand lift (rise in branded search/recall); the directional metrics for brand awareness include the conversions, assisted conversions, earned views, and the CTR (click-through rate); and the vanity metrics for brand awareness include the quality score and the optimization score.