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August 17, 2020 - BrandNexa
Month: August 2020

Day: August 17, 2020

Effective Utilization of Bumper Ads

Bumper ads are the instantaneous video campaigns that are created and run using Google Ads. They are generally of very short duration (six seconds or so). These ads are unskippable, so the users inevitably view them in their entirety without getting irritated (owing to their extremely short length).

Bumper ads make use of target CPM (cost per thousand impressions) bidding. These video ads are equipped with a countdown timer which displays how long the ad will last. The extremely short length of the ads specifically helps in holding the user’s attention. Bumper ads also assist in driving a notable boost in ad recall. Advertisers need to be meticulous in their planning of the ads and ensure that they make the most of the ad campaigns.

Effective Utilization of Bumper Ads

Listed below are a few major fundamental aspects that the advertisers need to keep in mind while developing bumper ads:

  • Using the bumper ads in combination with other bumper ads: The bumper ads should be displayed collectively along with a bunch of other bumper ads, so as to make an impact. The purpose is to link these short ads together to form a bigger picture that conveys the message which the advertisers intend to pass on to the audience. Each of these ads depicts a significant aspect of the message being conveyed.
  • Blending the bumper ads with other ad formats: The bumper ads can be blended in with other ad formats such as print ads or display ads in order to enhance, magnify or to reiterate the message being conveyed within six seconds. Advertisers can also make use of other ad formats by adopting them as launch pads for the bumper ads.
  • Concentrating on one thing: It is imperative that the message is prompt and precise, while concentrating on only one aspect, since the bumper video ad lasts for only six seconds. Advertisers may be able to: tease one new product or feature one common pain point or answer one question posed by a customer or highlight one unique feature of the product being displayed or highlight one use for the product line being showcased.
  • Making sure that all ads are aligned with the marketing goals: Advertisers need to make sure that the bumper ads, while being created in combination with other bumper ads or by being blended with other ad formats; are perfectly aligned with the purpose of reaching their marketing goals.