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Canara Robeco Kickstarts ‘Kya Baat Hai’ Campaign - Brandnexa
Canara Robeco Kickstarts ‘Kya Baat Hai’ Campaign

Mutual Fund company Canara Robeco has kickstarted a new campaign to enlighten potential investors about the various types of mutual funds available. Conceptualized by FCB India, the campaign is titled ‘Kya Baat Hai’ and includes a series of about five advertisements.

The campaign accentuates the benefits of investing in mutual funds and motivates citizens to do the same. It features everyday situations such as being at a conference, eating at a cafe, waiting at a bus stop, shopping in a supermarket, going in a lift, and waiting at a park; where the protagonists learn about the various offerings of the mutual fund, causing them to exclaim ‘Kya Baat Hai !’ 

Canara Robeco Kickstarts ‘Kya Baat Hai’ Campaign

Canara Robeco Kickstarts ‘Kya Baat Hai’ Campaign

The offerings include risk returns (like small cap, large cap, multi cap, equity linked savings scheme (ELSS), aggressive hybrid and liquid investments), investing for longer tenures to gain higher benefits, reinvestment of returns earned, returns along with tax savings, regular income from debt schemes (like corporate bonds, money market instruments, government securities, etc.), as well as tracking the funds with daily updates through net asset value (NAV). 

The campaign is being broadcast across multiple digital platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram; along with a broad extension into print/OOH (out of home) media and other ambient mediums like Uber cab branding.