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Category: Social Media

Leveraging Instagram amid COVID-19 Crisis

The current state of lockdown due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis has brought businesses to a standstill. It has also tremendously impacted the way in which brands make use of social media marketing, advertising, and public relations. However, now is the apt time for engaging with the customers through social media, specifically Instagram.

Leveraging Instagram amid COVID-19 Crisis

Listed below are a few tips that businesses can use for leveraging Instagram in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis:

  • Brand building/rebuilding: With the imposed social distancing and self-isolation, the consumers staying at and working from home are spending time on their screens. Digital  content consumption and social media usage are at an all-time high. It is imperative to have a unique and memorable brand identity that stands out in the minds of consumers.
  • Conducting research and formulating a strategy: It is highly essential to conduct a research into the customers and their current behaviour; and to formulate a strategy accordingly. This can be done by using questions/polls in the brand’s Instagram stories and engaging with the customers in the comments section.
  • Creating appropriate and useful content: It is important to create content that is useful to the consumers as well as informative regarding the ongoing circumstances.
  • Maintaining a frequency of posting: It is a good practice to maintain a frequency in posting on Instagram, in various forms such as: stories and live posts.
  • Including hashtags in the captions: Including hashtags in the captions helps to boost the reach and to gain new users. 

Excellent Techniques for Marketing through Twitter

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses and brands need to have an active presence on social media platforms. Nowadays, communicating using the means of technology (through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) has become the norm. It is a good practice for businesses to maintain this connection with the customers and to keep them engaged. 

Excellent Techniques for Marketing through Twitter

Listed below are a few wonderful techniques that marketers can use for promoting their brands and communicating with customers through Twitter:

  • In case their message is then 280 characters in length, it is better to use an image
  • They can use a tweet thread in order to compose long tweets
  • They need to have professional and great quality images that match the brand for its Twitter profile
  • They can use a single email address to create multiple accounts on Twitter
  • They should make use of target keywords while composing tweets
  • It is a good practice to pin significant tweets for positioning them at the top of the profile
  • They can embed a tweet on the brand’s website or blog
  • They can retweet themselves for enhancing the tweet’s exposure
  • They need to choose the appropriate time for tweeting
  • They can select ‘lists’ after clicking on the brand’s profile icon to find the public’s opinion about their brand
  • They can market the Twitter handle on the brand website for driving traffic to the tweets
  • It is a good idea for marketers to view the tweets in the order in which they appear

IGTV Introduces Monetization Offerings

IGTV Introduces Monetization Offerings: With influencer marketing gaining momentum and content creation getting incentivized, IGTV (Instagram Television) has introduced monetization offerings for content creators. Initially, there will be two monetization offerings: ads and badges. 

IGTV Introduces Monetization Offerings

The ads of a primary group of 200 approved creators will be shown and monetized at the onset. These ads will generally be from huge name brand advertisers such as Puma, Ikea, Sephora, and so on. These ads will appear only after the users click away from the feed preview and then click to view the full-screen version. The ads will be in the form of vertical videos and run for a duration of 15 seconds. The users will tap through these ads and not swipe up.

IGTV badges will be sold through Instagram Live at different price ranges. Viewers can choose among three badges. Once a user buys a badge, it will be displayed in front of the user’s name and their corresponding comments will be prioritized and positioned higher than those of other users. The current surge in TV viewership and app usage in the face of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis has given rise to more content creation and increased chances for the viewers to discover and appreciate new content.

Government and political entities cannot partici[pate in this monetization scheme.

Pointers for Gaining Followers on Instagram

Currently, Instagram maintains its position as the second most popular and used social media channel. The Instagram app fares in a similar manner on smartphones. Businesses that are interested in reaching more audiences and boosting engagement need to retain their Instagram stories, bio, feed, and hashtags.

Pointers for Gaining Followers on Instagram

Listed below are a few pointers for brands interested in gaining more followers on Instagram:

  • Creating a content calendar with worthwhile ideas
  • Posting well-formed images and videos
  • Examining several different dimensions and filters
  • Reassessing their Instagram analytics
  • Tagging the persons who are interacting with the brand
  • Enhancing their Instagram bio
  • Asking questions in their posts and adding calls to action (CTAs)
  • Linking their website and email to their Instagram account
  • Cross-posting their Instagram content on Facebook and Twitter
  • Running campaigns and contests in order to extend the brand reach
  • Surveying the competitors’ tactics
  • Interacting through Instagram by liking and following other posts
  • Avoiding excessive text in the images
  • Keeping the images free from logos and watermarks 
  • Making use of hashtags to attract new audiences
  • Making use of geotags in order to reach the local audiences
  • Adding links in their bio only
  • Tagging products in their images and videos for driving conversions
  • Creating branded hashtags for their events
  • Reposting the posts that tag them
  • Experimenting with running Instagram ads
  • Getting their account verified

Benefits of Creating Polls on Twitter

When used strategically, polls on Twitter can turn out to be a beneficial resource for maring ket research data. Marketers need to find a balance between being compelling and collecting usable information while they are writing copy for polls. Good copywriting is required for drafting the body of the tweet as well as for creating the poll options.

Benefits of Creating Polls on Twitter

Benefits of Creating Polls on Twitter

Listed below are a few ways in which marketers can benefit from creating polls on Twitter:

  • Tweeting polls consistently which helps in drawing visitors as well as followers to their profile easily.
  • Selecting the right poll length by setting an end date (five minutes from the start of the poll to seven days) for the voting participation in the poll which gives them a fixed volume of data to consider.
  • Including hashtags that will enable people to find their polls as well as keep track of conversations.
  • Knowing their audience by asking certain questions which can provide them with insights into the requirements of their customers.
  • Embedding polls on blog posts which can help in attracting new followers.
  • Promoting products and services is more enjoyable when done through Twitter polls.
  • Asking for opinions on various aspects of their company such as content ideas, logo redesigns, new products, new store locations, and such.
  • Getting customer feedback on their current products which can also give them tips they can use for future products.

Role of Social Media amid COVID-19 Crisis

As the Covid-19 pandemic razes the world of advertising, prompting more and more marketers online in their attempt to stay engaged with customers, social media platforms have set new rules for the brands to abide by being human. With people uneasy and uncertain about their future and governments apprehensive about the social impact of the pandemic; Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram are all asking marketers to be mindful of the message being conveyed.

Role of Social Media amid COVID-19 Crisis

With outdoor activities coming to a standstill and more audiences moving into the digital space, Twitter’s role in a brand’s communication strategy has become more crucial. With consumers spending more time online, brands have an unprecedented opportunity to engage with their audience base. 

Twitter stated that it has asked brands to be empathetic to the customer. Companies were also asked to ensure that the messages and information presented are accurate as well as responsible and relevant. 

Similarly, Facebook, which has over 328 million monthly users in India, combined with the reach it has through WhatsApp (400 million Indian users) and Instagram, has also asked advertisers to be more apprised of the situation. Their efforts are centered on connecting people to health experts so that they can receive accurate information, as well as supporting local communities and businesses. Companies have learnt to be careful while conveying messages on social media platforms. 

People are trying to be in touch by posting safety measures instead of promoting products directly.

Making Use of Social Media for Keyword Research

Nowadays, social media is used to help boost search engine rankings of websites. Optimizing for search in social media is one of the surefire ways for your profile to be visible to new users as well. People today are looking for conversation on social media with trending topics and hashtags.

Listed below are a few methods for making use of social media for keyword research:

  • Using Facebook Ad targeting options to know the audiences
  • Looking into trending options for Twitter
  • Discovering the results when you search Instagram hashtags
  • Analyzing content on Pinterest
  • Checking what influencers are saying on LinkedIn

Facebook targeting data is very specific as it contains a lot of information on the audiences. Facebook advertising enables you to look into the audience’s age, gender, interests, geography, connections, education, languages, workplaces; as well as relationship status. You can also determine similar audiences using this data.

Social Media for Keyword Research

Making Use of Social Media for Keyword Research

Conversations related to the trending topics on Twitter provide the requisite details to marketers about the audience’s interests and requirements. Also, you can use the same language as that of your potential searchers. You can then discover specific topics and questions related to SEO (search engine optimization) in the Twitter conversations and use them in your SEO framework.

Instagram hashtags have become quite popular. Many organizations in the creative industry are using Instagram to drive leads. Searching for hashtags related to your target audience/business and analyzing the most popular posts will give you an idea of what works well with the people who look for these hashtags.

Using a long-tail search, you can look for specific vital phrases on Pinterest and get multiple top pins for inspiration. Pinterest offers to search for additional suggestions for optimizing your keyword research. Also, Pinterest gives you potential keyword target ideas as well by offering autofill options.

Check what the influencers are saying on LinkedIn and make note of all the reactions and comments that they receive. People join ongoing conversations on LinkedIn and usually, the clickbait long-form posts resonate with users. Determine which topics (along with advantages and disadvantages under the topic) are resonating the most with audiences and use the data to conduct your own keyword research.

Tata Pravesh Rolls Out ‘ShutOutCorona’ Campaign

Doors and wall openings brand Tata Pravesh has rolled out a new digital campaign to address the issue of the ongoing coronavirus crisis. Titled ‘ShutOutCorona’, the campaign accentuates the need for staying indoors. It is being broadcast across the brand’s social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Tata Pravesh Rolls Out ‘ShutOutCorona’ Campaign

Conceptualized by Wunderman Thompson, ‘ShutOutCorona’ campaign displays an assortment of doors being shut, barred, bolted or latched; along with the sign of which conveys the message that roads to fight coronavirus can open up only through a closed door. It promotes self-isolation as the means to keep this crisis in check. The campaign prompts people to seriously consider quarantine as one of the measures for attempting to beat the disease.

Coronavirus is a global emergency of an unprecedented scale. It's high time, we the citizens, take quarantine seriously and do whatever it takes to flatten the curve. To begin the fight back all it takes is not to step outside and shut the door. ???? #ShutOutCorona #StayIndoorsStaySafe

Posted by Tata Pravesh on Monday, March 23, 2020

Tata Pravesh is a new brand in Tata Steel’s profile. It offers a wide variety of complete home solutions; including sturdy and impressive steel doors, windows, as well as ventilators; with wooden trim. All these solutions are factory-engineered and they come with a combination of the strength of steel and the smoothness of the wood. They are uniform in finish and quality, long-lasting, highly durable and highly secure. Also, they are supremely resistant to fire and other hazards associated with wooden doors.

Tips for Gaining Followers on Pinterest

Pinterest is gaining popularity day by day. This platform for sharing amazing photos, unique interests and innovative ideas can also be used as a medium for marketing your brand online. By gaining followers, you can solidify your brand and achieve substantial traffic to your website.

Tips for Gaining Followers on Pinterest

Tips for Gaining Followers on Pinterest

Listed below are a few tips for gaining followers on Pinterest:

  • Choose your boards wisely
  • Select the ideal time for pinning
  • Capitalize red letter days
  • Run contests to drive engagement 
  • Check out popular boards
  • Curate photos
  • Make all the requisite connections
  • Be consistent
  • Follow other pinners
  • Be your own self

Choose your boards wisely: 

If you have more than one board, choose the boards which are the most successful and work on promoting them. Pinterest focuses on the content and how people relate to it.

Select the ideal time for pinning:

You should pin during the afternoons and evenings during weekdays since there is a higher chance of people viewing your pins. Also, you can research as to what time your target market is the most active, and pin then.

Capitalize red letter days:

You can capitalize red letter days (festivals and national holidays) by pinning helpful suggestions on special recipes, what to buy as gifts, how to gift-wrap and so on. You can also pin other holiday-themed content before the actual holiday.

Run contests to drive engagement:

Running contests and giving away stunning prizes will surely attract instant attention and drive engagement. However, avoid running contests too frequently.

Check out popular boards:

Check out the boards where multiple pinners are sharing their content and which have over a thousand followers. This will get you exposure to new followers, thereby making your talent and time worthwhile.

Curate photos:

Select photos that fit your niche from different boards and pin them to your board. In addition to your own photos, these will grab the attention of viewers. 

Make all the requisite connections:

You must connect your Pinterest account to your website/online shop and to your other social media accounts. This will enable pins from the accounts to get attributed to you and you can get analytics on your Pinterest content.

Be consistent:

Pin your content every day. You can gain more followers when you have high-quality pins. Also, make sure to pin at least one photo each day.

Follow other pinners:

If you follow other pinners, most of them will follow you back. Also, following other pinners within your niche will bring alluring content to your Pinterest home screen. 

Be your own self:

Be yourself. Take risks and attempt something creative. People will sit up and take notice if you develop content that is time-tested, but innovative as well as thought-provoking.

How to Use Social Media for Refining Your Content

The use of social media is very rampant these days. In digital marketing, a successful social media strategy relies on delivering engaging and top quality content to users. Creating and posting compelling content on social media sites are surefire ways of driving engagement, and thereby increasing traffic to your website.

Knowing and targeting the users, putting the focus on the reader, being present and consistent, posting high-quality and relevant content, being relatable, building curiosity, asking open-ended questions, inviting conversations, using effective infographics and eye-catching visuals, having clear call to actions, adding relevant links, and setting up the times for posting content are some of the ways of improving your content performance on social media. 

How to Use Social Media for Refining Your Content

How to Use Social Media for Refining Your Content

Adding relevant hashtags to your posts enables you to connect with users easily and to drive engagement faster. They also highlight the keywords in the posts, help in following discussions on particular topics and in engaging with people who are using these specific hashtags. 

Using social media as a listening tool involves using it to monitor activities like:

  • Mentions of your brand
  • Conversations about keywords and topics
  • Industry occurrences
  • Competitive activities

Monitoring these activities enables you to determine what the audience is looking for, what questions they are asking as well as whatever major challenges they are facing. You can then develop/improve your content strategy based on this information. 

You can then curate content by referencing quotes, statistics, tips/predictions, round-up pieces, examples, and top resources. Successful content curation helps you in reaching the new and highly targeted audience. Also, it enables interaction with industry experts, thought leaders and other important members of the community.

Using social media to refine your content results in extended reach, increased traffic, along with augmented engagement.