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Category: Social Media

Relevance and Impact of Trolling on Social Media

Trolling on social media has become quite the norm these days. Trolls have, as a matter of fact, become a necessary evil in today’s world. People who post generally out of context and inflammatory comments are labelled ‘trollers.’ 

Relevance and Impact of Trolling on Social Media

A few of these trolls can be thought-provoking, and considered to be a form of constructive criticism, which in turn can help improve the performance in any area/field the people getting trolled are working in. On the other hand, some of the trolls are also provocative, intended to cause harm (emotional upset, large-scale fear, instigation to retaliate in some form or another).

There are several ways of dealing with the ‘trollers.’ Some of the most effective ways to mitigate the consequences of trolling are as listed below:

  • Responding with actual, verified facts
  • Banning or blocking them
  • Employing moderators to handle the social media accounts of a brand/business
  • Limiting the social media profiles to friends-only
  • Reporting the trollers, as a last resort (ir, if things go too far)

Snapchat Enables Users to Present Follower Counts

Social media site Snapchat is now enabling its users to publicly display the count of followers or subscribers of their accounts. This feature has been made available in the form of an option button for the users. Previously, only the Snapchat account holders could view the number of followers of their accounts. 

Snapchat Enables Users to Present Follower Counts

Now they can present this number of followers (subscribers) for everybody to view. Snapchat influencers and potential influencers can make the most of this update since it enables them to gain an audience. This audience can gradually grow and turn into followers/subscribers for the influencer accounts as well; resulting in a boost in advertising and sponsorship opportunities for the influencers. The total number of followers/subscribers (actual size of the audience) can also impact the effectiveness of such opportunities. 

Displaying the follower count also enables the Snapchat account holders to gain more followers; as people naturally follow what most of the others are following or have subscribed to. If any brand/business has a large number of followers/subscribers in its Snapchat account; it can be easily deduced that the brand/business is highly popular with a loyal customer base, implying that it is reliable and trustworthy.

Pinterest Introduces New Features for Merchants

Social media network Pinterest is introducing new feature updates for the benefit of merchants. These updates enable merchants to set up shop, create sales and estimate their results. Over the past few months, the number of Pinterest users who are engaged with shopping has risen greatly. 

Pinterest Introduces New Features for Merchants
Pinterest Introduces New Features for Merchants

The gap between people shopping and people buying online needs to be bridged. This is why Pinterest is enabling merchants to direct users towards taking the next steps in their buyer journey. Pinterest is assisting merchants by providing updates to: merchant storefront profile and discovery, product catalogs, product tagging, conversion analytics and automatic bidding in ad campaigns. 

Pinterest users can now view the merchant recommendations based on the product category that they are looking for; whenever they browse for ideas related to shopping. Merchants can now tag their product images with the actual products with the help of a new tagging tool. They can also update their catalogues using a new and modified interface; as well as combine the catalogs and collections in new ad format. The merchants can activate their shopping ads and regulate the feed ingestion. Pinterest’s new conversion analytics enable retailers to compress all the data in a familiar funnel and also review the conversion performance. Automatic bidding for shopping now enables the merchants to track, measure, as well as boost their sales.

Instagram Sets Live Stream Time Limit to 4 Hours

Instagram has announced that it is increasing the time limit for live streaming from 1 hour to 4 hours. Users can now retain their audience for a long time even after the live stream gets over. 

Instagram Sets Live Stream Time Limit to 4 Hours

After the conclusion of a live stream, Instagram will recommend more live streams from other users for the viewers to watch.

There is a new section called ‘Live Now’ on IGTV (Instagram television); that enables users to discover live streams more easily.. Previously, only Instagram Stories and feed posts could be saved to a private archive; while the users could save their streams only if they were instantly published to IGTV. Instagram now also enables users to archive their streams for up to 30 days. This archive feature will replicate that function of archiving which is undertaken for the Stories and the feed posts. The fan badges previously introduced by Instagram also come into play here. Users can monetize their live streams through the use of fan badges. Viewers can choose among three badges. Once a user buys a badge, it will be displayed in front of the user’s name and their corresponding comments will be prioritized and positioned higher than those of other users. 

LinkedIn Introduces New Features for Virtual Events

LinkedIn is introducing new discovery features for virtual events on its platform. These features enable visitors to find the virtual events easily; thereby increasing attendance to the events. The event organizers can also gain leads from the event sign-ups. Brands and businesses can now obtain lead generation data from LinkedIn through these virtual events.

LinkedIn Introduces New Features for Virtual Events

These features include: a new weekly events digest email newsletter and personalized event recommendations in the ‘My Network’ tab. LinkedIn also sends notifications to followers of a brand/business immediately whenever the brand/business posts an event on its page. LinkedIn determines which followers it needs to notify based on their interests as well as on the likelihood of their attending the event(s) mentioned. Also, the brands and businesses can make use of a free registration form for events to collect data such as the names and emails of the people who have signed up; thereby generating leads. The brands and businesses can also retarget the registrants of any of their  previous events. These registration forms are optional; meaning that unregistered attendees can enter and leave the event as and when they want to; unlike the registered attendees, who need to stay the course until the event has ended. Event organisers cannot collect the data of unregistered attendees.

Pointers for Creating Compelling Social Media Content

With the widespread use of social media these days, it is imperative for brands and businesses to have a social media presence. They can reach and engage with a multitude of persons from all over the world. Brands and businesses need to go above and beyond their usual marketing tactics in order to drive results through social media.

Pointers for Creating Compelling Social Media Content

Let us look at a few pointers for creating incredible content on social media:

  • Inserting photos within the text: It is a good practice to insert photos within the text since visual stimuli is much more effective than plain text at engaging the audience. 
  • Repurposing evergreen content in the form of infographics: It is an excellent idea to repurpose the best pieces of evergreen content available; in the form of: infographics, charts, graphs and social media images. It is also advisable to choose quotes from the content and highlight them.
  • Sharing customer reviews and testimonials: Sharing favourable customer reviews and testimonials about the products/services goes a long way towards influencing the social media users to make a purchase.
  • Discovering the latest trends and using visuals accordingly: It is pertinent to search for the latest trends which are currently the most popular. This can be done by visiting Pinterest’s most repinned page, searching for the most popular hashtags on Instagram, and conducting a Google search for the popular image trends.
  • Hosting contests: Hosting contests on the social media channels would encourage the users to participate in them as well as to learn more about the brand/business and its products/services.
  • Tagging the bloggers and influencers: It is quite resourceful to tag the influencers on social media with links to the brand’s/business’s content. This is a surefire way to attract the attention of their followers and thus gain more engagement for the brand/business.
  • Adding social media buttons to the email newsletters: Adding social media buttons to the email newsletters is a surefire way to attract the attention of the readers.
  • Using the correct hashtags: Using the correct number of appropriate hashtags is very crucial in gaining engagement. It is imperative to remember to use only 1-2 hashtags on Twitter, only 1-2 hashtags on Facebook, 2-5 hashtags on Pinterest, and 5-10 hashtags on Instagram.

Pointers for Boosting Sales by Using Instagram

Instagram is an amazing marketing platform for brands and businesses. Instagram marketing is becoming more and more popular day by day. A majority of the Instagram users follow at least one brand, discover new brands or products through the platform, as well as decide whether to buy a product/service or not by using Instagram as a frame of reference.

Boosting Sales by Using Instagram
Pointers for Boosting Sales by Using Instagram

Here are a few tactics that businesses can follow to enhance their visibility and boost their sales by using Instagram:

  • Inserting attractive images: Choosing images which connect to the audience, then enhancing those images using editing apps (such as: VSCO or Canva or A Color Story), and then posting those images on Instagram go a long way towards boosting visibility on Instagram. 
  • Running contests: Another way to boost visibility on Instagram is to run contests using ideas such as: asking users to like, follow and comment on the business posts in order to enter the contest, offering one entry for every friend the user tags in the post, as well as encouraging the audience to create their own unique posts (user-generated content).
  • Adding videos: It is a good idea to add videos with captions to the Instagram posts in order to boost engagement.
  • Including compelling content with stories: Businesses can use Instagram stories to display behind-the-scenes action to attract viewers.
  • Responding to the comments: It is imperative that the brands/businesses respond to the comments they receive for their posts on Instagram.
  • Joining the Instagram Pods: Businesses and brands can join Instagram Pods (groups of Instagram users who get together to boost each other’s followers and engagements) in order to boost their engagements.
  • Using more hashtags: Businesses and brands can use hashtags in their posts in order to grow their audience.
  • Using the links wisely: Businesses and brands can add links within their bio pages on Instagram and in Instagram stories.
  • Collaborating with influencers: It is a good practice for businesses and brands to collaborate with influencers as they help in gaining followers.
  • Inserting emojis: Inserting emojis within the posts attracts more viewers to the brand’s Instagram page.

Running attention-grabbing Instagram Ads: Businesses and brands can run ads on Instagram with compelling calls-to-action (CTA) for attracting the audience.

LinkedIn Introduces New Features for Company Pages

Employment-oriented online service LinkedIn has introduced new features for the company pages in its website. This is to enable businesses to remain connected with the communities, in the midst of the ongoing crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic; which has resulted in remote working. 

LinkedIn Introduces New Features for Company Pages
LinkedIn Introduces New Features for Company Pages

The shift in the working atmosphere has caused people to almost lose contact with one another. The new features have been developed in order to enable the page administrators to connect with their employees, highlight the forthcoming office-related events as well as to gain insights into their new followers. 

Let us have a detailed look at the new features that have been added to the company pages in LinkedIn:

  • ‘View Page Followers’ Tab: The companies can see all the individual persons who are the followers of their LinkedIn page using the ‘View Page Followers’ feature. The pages are now able to access all those pieces of information about their followers which is already publicly available. The pages can now also segregate their followers according to their location, current company and industry. All this enables the companies to better understand their audiences and develop the content which is suitable to them. Also, the companies can establish their LinkedIn community over the most relevant conversations.
  • ‘My Company’ Tab: The new ‘My Company’ tab is a designated space for employees in which everyone can engage with one another, celebrate their accomplishments together along with staying connected all around while working remotely. The ‘MyCompany’ tab comprises new features such as:
  1. Highlighting those occasions which are momentous for the employees (such as: anniversaries, promotions, new hires, and such)
  2. Content from the coworkers that is trending
  3. Recommendations for connecting with other people that the employees may be acquainted with at their company

It is significant to note that this feature is available only to those company pages which have more than 201 employees. This can be determined by the ‘company size’ attribute.
‘Events’ Tab: As long as the pandemic persists, it is inevitable to conduct virtual events. However, it is not easy to find out about the virtual events as it is to find out about the in-person events. In order to resolve this issue, a new ‘Events’ tab has been added to LinkedIn. This tab will automatically access a view of the page’s previous, current, along with forthcoming events on LinkedIn. The virtual event can be in the form of a webinar, an individual panel or an entire conference.

Gaining Organic Search Traffic using Social Media

Building a business online is a lengthy and drawn-out process. Gaining traffic is of paramount importance for such businesses. They are constantly looking for ways to engage and enhance their organic search traffic.

Gaining Organic Search Traffic using Social Media

Listed below are a few ways of gaining and engaging organic search traffic: 

  • Conducting keyword research: It is imperative to conduct keyword research to gain insight into which keywords can be used for the website to rank well in search results. The research helps in learning what the users are looking for using the search engines. Creating content also becomes easier when there is a list of specific keywords that are likely to be searched for the most.
  • Developing a piece of content: The content may be in the form of a blog, a podcast, or a video. The blog may contain text with images (as visual stimulation helps in attracting the audience) or only text. The important thing to remember is that the content needs to be easily accessible and user-friendly.
  • Setting up a social media account: With more and more people being active on social media these days, it is now more important than ever for businesses to have a presence on social media. Setting up a social media account and subsequently trying to attract the attention of the target audience help in increasing the brand awareness.
  • Releasing social media ads for the audience after gaining organic traffic: After gaining sufficient organic traffic (around 1000 people), the marketers need to release ads on their social media accounts so as to give an idea about the products and/or services to the audience.

Social Listening to Boost Revenue for Game Developers

Game developers in India have been looking for ways to diversify and boost their revenue for a while now. Monetization and retention are currently some of the ongoing issues faced by game developing companies, which are resorting to using alternatives such as offering concessions in the price of the mobile games; in order to extend their user base.

Social Listening to Boost Revenue for Game Developers

The game developers are striving to bridge the gap between the market offerings and consumer requirements. They are also taking into consideration the consumer reviews and testimonials of the already existing mobile games in the market in order to design their games depending on the consumers’ interests and preferences. This is where social listening comes into play. With a majority of the people having a social media presence nowadays, it is a surefire way of gaining insight into their interests and passions. Game lovers generally post their preferences and expectations on social media platforms to be shared with other like-minded individuals. 

The game developing companies need to be aware of the consumer intent in purchasing the games. Most of them tend to aspire for mobile games with serene settings and playing in peaceful surroundings; while a few others may prefer different and unique formats for the games (such as: in vernacular or other favourite languages, styles, etc.). The games can be developed using our culture as the basis for themes as a majority of the people are familiar with it. Modifications can be done to popular games so as to increase the number of downloads. This, in turn, helps the game development companies in boosting their revenue generation.