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Currently Running Trends in YouTube

In the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, YouTube has witnessed a surge in viewership. However, the YouTube video creators are earning way less than they are supposed to. This is because the advertising rates have dropped considerably since the onset of this pandemic. The advertisers are paying the YouTubers less due to lack of competition in advertising.

Currently Running Trends in YouTube

There are a few benefits for YouTubers in continuing to invest their time and resources to create content; such as these listed below: 

  • Developing a larger following
  • Maintaining authenticity
  • People still need to be entertained

Developing a larger following: 

More views do not guarantee more revenue, but they do ensure more number of subscribers. Creators can make use of this lull in time to engage new followers and reap the benefits later when advertising rates will again shift in a positive direction.

Maintaining authenticity:

Creating content at a time when it is not exactly viable helps in maintaining authenticity and strengthening your character in the minds of the viewers. The current worldwide crisis may be temporary, but the people’s actions during this time will be remembered for a long time after this crisis has passed.

People still need to be entertained:

With mandatory self-isolation, social distancing and stay-at-home orders, people are stuck indoors. Now is the period of the great need for new content. YouTubers need to continue creating informative, inspirational and entertaining content; which will create an everlasting impression in the minds of their viewers.