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Digital Marketing Trends in Ecommerce Industry
Digital Marketing Trends for Ecommerce Industry

Ecommerce is highly prevalent these days. More and more people are shopping online everyday. The ease of browsing, selecting and ordering has made the concept hugely popular. Listed below are some of the digital marketing trends running in the e-Commerce sector:

  • Promotions of deals, discounts are coupons are conducted.

  • Organic and paid promotions of products are undertaken through videos.

  • Native language ads in Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Bengali, Telugu etc. are conducted.

  • Affiliate marketing is undertaken.

  • Influencers’ marketing is undertaken in which reviews and product promotions are posted on Instagram.

  • Paid Campaigns such as Search, Display, Remarketing, Video Campaigns, Facebook & Twitter campaigns are being run.

  • Push Notifications are being provided.

  • Email Marketing Campaigns are also run.