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Digital Marketing Trends in Education
Over the years, the education sector has undergone a transformation. Technological advancement has led to changes such as the BYOD initiative (Bring Your Own Device), Flipped Classroom Teaching and so on. Listed below are some of the digital marketing trends currently running in the education sector:

  • Promotion of Online & e-learning courses is undertaken.
  • Free Webinars are being conducted.
  • Sample course materials are being provided.
  • Subject Matter Experts are preparing Blogs & Articles on their respective subjects and topics.
  • Paid Campaigns such as Search, Display, Remarketing, Video Campaigns, Facebook & Twitter campaigns are being run.
  • Push Notifications are being provided.
  • Email Marketing Campaigns are also run.

The advantages of digital marketing include greater communication among students and faculty, low cost investment, global outreach and huge return on investment.