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Driving Results using Retargeting Best Practices

Ad retargeting is a great tactic for re-engaging lost shoppers. It can also be used to familiarise a prospect with your brand. Retargeting helps digital marketers in driving results and enhancing the performance by reaching customers across multiple channels simultaneously.

Your ad needs to incorporate your branding so as to make the audience aware of who exactly the ad is for; it should have a distinct call-to-action that triggers an action, and it should include personalized copy indulging the viewer’s wants or requirements.

Driving Results using Retargeting Best Practices

Driving Results using Retargeting Best Practices

Given below is a list of retargeting best practices that you can follow in order to maximize your return on investment (ROI):

  • Incorporating frequency caps that will limit the number of times tagged users will see your ads.
  • Excluding converted users will save you money and enable you to retarget current customers with new ads.
  • Segmenting the audience lets you customize your ad messages to users at various stages of the buying journey.
  • Conducting geographic, demographic and contextual targeting will enable you to refine your ad placements for improving the relevancy and enhancing ad performance.
  • Using the display as it is a measurable channel that helps in boosting brand awareness and substantiating market share.
  • Optimizing your creatives for grabbing the attention of the users.
  • Avoiding ad fatigue by constantly experimenting, analyzing and revising your ad copy, images and calls to action will help retain your audience for the long term.