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Effective Content Distribution Tactics

Content marketing includes not only creating content but also effectively distributing it. It is very imperative for marketers to develop a content strategy which precisely elucidates their goals and has the potential to gain a high return on investment (ROI). Content distribution encompasses knowing the target audience, cultivating relationships and developing a repeatable framework.

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Effective Content Distribution Tactics

Listed below are the steps involved in the process of content distribution:

  • Finding the target audience: It is an excellent practice to find out on which platforms the audience are the most visible and then engage with them. Some examples of platforms are Slack, Reddit, Facebook groups and WhatsApp groups.
  • Researching successful content formats: It is imperative to find out which content formats perform extremely well on the platforms which the target audience is active on.
  • Requesting feedback: It is highly essential to request feedback from the users. This enables the content marketers to refine the content according to the suggestions made in order to gain conversions.
  • Developing a repeatable framework: After all the tried and tested content distribution tactics have begun showing positive results, it is time to develop a repeatable framework so that the content distribution continues giving favourable outcomes.
  • Conducting email outreach: Conducting targeted email outreach by personalizing the emails and asking users for feedback is a surefire way of retaining their interest.