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Excellent Techniques for Marketing through Twitter

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses and brands need to have an active presence on social media platforms. Nowadays, communicating using the means of technology (through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) has become the norm. It is a good practice for businesses to maintain this connection with the customers and to keep them engaged. 

Excellent Techniques for Marketing through Twitter

Listed below are a few wonderful techniques that marketers can use for promoting their brands and communicating with customers through Twitter:

  • In case their message is then 280 characters in length, it is better to use an image
  • They can use a tweet thread in order to compose long tweets
  • They need to have professional and great quality images that match the brand for its Twitter profile
  • They can use a single email address to create multiple accounts on Twitter
  • They should make use of target keywords while composing tweets
  • It is a good practice to pin significant tweets for positioning them at the top of the profile
  • They can embed a tweet on the brand’s website or blog
  • They can retweet themselves for enhancing the tweet’s exposure
  • They need to choose the appropriate time for tweeting
  • They can select ‘lists’ after clicking on the brand’s profile icon to find the public’s opinion about their brand
  • They can market the Twitter handle on the brand website for driving traffic to the tweets
  • It is a good idea for marketers to view the tweets in the order in which they appear