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HP India Rolls Out #KhelTohSaraRangonKaHai Campaign - BrandNexa
HP India Rolls Out #KhelTohSaraRangonKaHai Campaign

Information technology company HP (India) has rolled out a new campaign to facilitate the use of technology in classrooms. Titled ‘KhelTohSaraRangonKaHai’, the campaign showcases how technology aids in providing a fun classroom experience from day to day.

Created by Autumn GREY, the campaign features the traditional classroom approach with a poetic running commentary and emphasizes the need to shift from this conventional method of teaching. The teacher in the classroom calls HP technicians who transform the classroom into a colourful paradise with various pictures and props. The students are all very excited while coming to school and entering their class the next time. 

HP India Rolls Out #KhelTohSaraRangonKaHai Campaign

The campaign stresses the importance of imbuing colours into the learning patterns in schools. HP’s simple and efficient technological solutions have made it possible for children to enjoy coming to school; and also brought smiles to their faces. It has been broadcast on TV as well as on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and so on. 

HP produces hardware (laptops, desktops, printers, keyboards, monitors, scanners, mouses, digital cameras); software (HP OpenView, ArcSight, Atalla, TippingPoint, Fortify Software); as well as information technology consulting and associated services. It operates in more than 20 offices across India.