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Agriculture - Marketing and Advertising Services Solutions

Our economy is mainly agriculture-based. This industry has crossed geographical and supply chain boundaries a while back. Digital marketing is contributing to its growth by offering means of direct communication and a wider reach. 

The total agricultural exports from India grew steadily at compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.45% over FY 2010-2018. The growing population and rising urban and rural incomes are driving the internal demand, while agriculture exports from India are increasing due to external demand.



Small and fragmented land-holdings, shortage of storage facilities, lack of mechanization, soil erosion, weather fluctuations, absence of crop rotation and inadequate organised agricultural marketing are some of the challenges faced by the agriculture sector in India.

Agribusinesses resort to implementing the following digital marketing strategies:

  • Promoting and selling their products through established ecommerce portals
  • Creating their own websites for marketing and selling the products
  • Conducting video promotions on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram
  • Selling and reselling the products to a retained customer base
  • Using Google trends and keyword planner for forecasting and demand analysis
  • Conducting demand analysis on the basis of visitor traffic

Some of the advantages of digital marketing for agriculture sector are:

  • It provides a wide and continuous market online
  • It is cost effective
  • Accelerating sales by minimizing wastage of agricultural products
  • Strategic integration of offline and online distribution channels
  • A perfect blend of supply chain management and promotional strategy