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Education and Training

Digital marketing is an effective method of engaging students. It helps educational institutions target and reach the actual audience. It also enables the creation of relevant content which can directly affect the prospective students. 

India has over 250 million school-going students. The gross enrollment ratio (GER) in higher education in India reached 26.3% in 2018-19. There are 39,931 colleges and 993 universities in India as of 2018-19.

Education and Training

Education and Training

Curriculum issues, lack of proper infrastructure, poor global ranking of the educational institutes, poor students to teacher ratio, inadequate funding and wrong societal outlook are some of the challenges faced by the education sector in India.

Listed below are some of the digital marketing action plans that are appropriate for present times: 

  • Mobile optimization
  • Technical SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Link building
  • Retargeting campaigns
  • Conversion oriented  content
  • Traffic oriented  content
  • Social sharing oriented content
  • On-page search engine optimization

Enhancing brand awareness, personalized marketing approach, cost efficiency and higher conversion rates are some of the benefits of incorporating digital marketing in the education sector.