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Healthcare and Wellness - Marketing and Advertising Services & Solutions
Healthcare and Wellness

Digital marketing has contributed to the success of several healthcare practices over the years. Growth in the number of Internet users has made it possible to turn them into potential customers. Content marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing and mobile marketing are the elements of a digital marketing strategy.

The hospital industry in India is expected to grow at the rate of 16-17% by FY 2022. Indian medical tourism market is showing a steady growth of 18% year on year. Health insurance is also growing at the rate of 18.2% year on year. 

Healthcare and Wellness
Healthcare and Wellness

Healthcare and Wellness

Lack of preventive and rehabilitative health services, insufficient medical personnel, shortage of adequate infrastructure and low levels of health insurance are some of the challenges faced by the healthcare and wellness sector in India.

Some of the digital marketing strategies for the healthcare and wellness sector are:

  • Website that is easy to navigate
  • Creating compelling content
  • Using educational and inspirational videos to convey your messages
  • Engaging micro-influencers
  • Using email marketing for building your audience
  • Writing informative blogs
  • Sending resourceful emails
  • Adding strong search engine optimization attributes
  • Developing an attractive social media strategy

Rise in service awareness, improvement in audience reach, no possibility of misinformation, guaranteed easier access for patients and build-up of doctor-patient trust are the benefits of digital marketing for the healthcare sector. It also helps the wellness sector in reaching a wide audience.