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Instagram Sets Live Stream Time Limit to 4 Hours

Instagram has announced that it is increasing the time limit for live streaming from 1 hour to 4 hours. Users can now retain their audience for a long time even after the live stream gets over. 

Instagram Sets Live Stream Time Limit to 4 Hours

After the conclusion of a live stream, Instagram will recommend more live streams from other users for the viewers to watch.

There is a new section called ‘Live Now’ on IGTV (Instagram television); that enables users to discover live streams more easily.. Previously, only Instagram Stories and feed posts could be saved to a private archive; while the users could save their streams only if they were instantly published to IGTV. Instagram now also enables users to archive their streams for up to 30 days. This archive feature will replicate that function of archiving which is undertaken for the Stories and the feed posts. The fan badges previously introduced by Instagram also come into play here. Users can monetize their live streams through the use of fan badges. Viewers can choose among three badges. Once a user buys a badge, it will be displayed in front of the user’s name and their corresponding comments will be prioritized and positioned higher than those of other users.