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Interaction through Virtual Medium amid Lockdown

Interacting through digital media has become the norm these days, amid the lockdown caused by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. With mobility in the real world being limited because of the pandemic, virtual events and conferences are on the rise. The virtual world has grown more vibrant during the past few weeks of lockdown.

Interaction through Virtual Medium amid Lockdown

Along with content consumption, the digital screens are being used for conducting meetings, organising events and showcasing products and services. Businesses such as art galleries are helping the art collectors and dealers get connected by creating online viewing rooms for the art pieces. Fashion brands are using virtual showrooms to display the merchandise and also so that the designers can connect with the buyers easily. People are keeping in touch with one another by communicating and sharing their experiences through social media. Experts believe that this trend is going to continue even post lockdown. 

With TV shows of yesteryear such as: Ramayan, Mahabharat, Krishna, Vishnu Puran, Alif Laila, Shaktiman, Buniyaad etc. making a comeback; people of every generation are glued to their TV screens. These shows have brought nostalgia among the older generation viewers and sparked interest in the younger generation viewers; thereby bringing the families together. On the whole, everybody has learnt to make the most of their free time in the lockdown by going virtual.