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Keywords and their Significance
Keywords and their Significance

Keywords are the words/phrases that summarise the content of a particular page. The search queries which a user enters in any search engine are also called keywords.

The purpose of using keywords in any text is to enhance the relevance of the page and to subsequently promote the page in search results. Keywords are equally important as the other factors that affect positions in search engines, like: inbound links, behavioural factors, domain age and resource attendance.

Keywords and their Significance

Keywords and their Significance

The number of keywords to be used depends on the volume of the text. This dependence is directly proportional. The occurrence of specific words in a text should not exceed 3-5% of the whole text. It is a good practice to glue the keywords together when there is a large number of these and they have to be used several times. This improves the readability of the texts.

Listed below are some additional steps to be taken before writing the text:

  • Avoiding inserting keywords in places where they are unnecessary and do not fit the text
  • Avoiding writing paragraphs specifically to insert keys
  • Ensuring that the texts are organic and readable

Keywords in the above-the-fold section of an app description in an app store carry more weight and this results in better ranking in the search engines. Targeting low competition keywords and working up, choosing relevant keywords for your app and checking up on competitors’ keywords from time to time will help in your app store optimization. Updating/improving the app includes updating the keywords as well.