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Lead Generation Strategy amid COVID-19

Businesses and brands are constantly striving to generate leads. This process has gained more momentum in the face of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Video calls along with live discussions are gaining traction in the current circumstances in which marketers and consumers alike are seeking advice online.

Lead Generation Strategy amid COVID-19

Concentrating on consumer experience (by providing accurate information, inspiring confidence in customers and rewarding the engaging prospects with incentives), building and maintaining trust (proving that the customers are still relevant, by delivering quality and consistency), as well as shifting the budget to focus on digital strategies (allocating the marketing budget to the digital strategies since a majority of the customers and prospects are currently working from home and are in front of their screens most of the time). 

Listed below are a few ways to create a solid lead generation strategy amid these trying times:

  • Optimizing the website: Conducting an audit of the website for assessing where most of the online traffic and outreach come from help in gaining leads. It is a good practice to add lead generation forms on to the high-traffic pages.
  • Leveraging the marketing automation platform: Lead scoring for nurturing existing customers along with re-engaging the inactive customers are surefire ways of boosting the lead generation.
  • Revising and improving the content marketing: Conducting a content audit helps in devising new ways for content marketing. Adding informative and compelling content  is useful for the customers.
  • Generating digital content: Lead generation efforts can be enhanced by adding digital content in the form of video, podcasts, webinars, virtual events, as well as chatbots.