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Lesser Known Facts About Native Advertising
Native Advertising

In the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, consumer priorities are vacillating swiftly. It is now more crucial than ever to be aware of consumer requirements. People consume content from television shows, news channels, blogs and social media channels; paving the way for native advertising.

Native ad placements are based on audience targeting. Native advertising is a type of paid advertising which has a similar feel, form and function of the content media and the platform on which it appears. Native ads generally look like a part of the editorial flow in a webpage. These ads have more context than banner or display ads and are non-disruptive. 

Lesser Known Facts About Native Advertising

Lesser Known Facts About Native Advertising

Native advertising is of six types:

  • Paid search ads which appear at the top of your Google search results
  • In-feed placements which appear directly in a blog post
  • Recommendation widgets which display recommended content related to what you are already consuming and which appear on the publisher’s website
  • In-Ad with native elements which are contextually relevant to the content that you are consuming
  •  Custom ads which appear within your app interface
  • Promoted listings which are patterned to fit smoothly into the browsing experience

The native creative can include an image or video, logo or advertiser name, headline, body text and call to action as its components. It may target app install (Google Play or Apple App Store), site creative (rectangular or square format) or video.

You need to be insightful with your images and your copy in the native advertisements during these trying times.