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Link Building Aspects for Google and Bing

Your website may rank among the top search results on Google but lower in the results on Bing. Optimizing for one search engine does not necessarily mean that it will work on all other search engines as well. Following Google, Bing is the second most popular search engine in the world.

Link Building Aspects for Google and Bing

Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques work the same way in both of these major search engines. Users can keep concentrating on link building and content marketing. Building links for Bing is different from link building on Google. Users can develop a link building strategy that can assist them in optimizing for both search engines. Being more assertive with link count, less focused on anchor text diversity, and driving links with the help of social media are some of the ways in which users can optimize for both search engines.

Google places emphasis on high-quality links while Bing is focused on link quantity. Building around 20 backlinks every month from well-established websites as well as from authoritative top-level domains will enable the user’s website to rank well on both the search engines. Blending exact-match anchor text with a partial match, long-tail, branded and generic anchor text can work for both Google and Bing. Social sharing also helps a great deal in link building. By sharing original content and videos on social media channels and taking the help of influencer outreach, users can optimize for all the search engines.