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Managing Ecommerce Shopping Ads with Less Budget

In the present times, marketers depending on eCommerce for revenue need to work more, with limited budgets. Enhancing the customer experience through Shopping Ads is the best way for boosting efficiency. Research has proved that eCommerce companies can slash their ad budgets by about 48% and still generate the same revenue.

Managing Ecommerce Shopping Ads with Less Budget

Most of the paid search caters to Shopping Ads in online retail. A cost-effective method to use the ad spend is to list multiple products which match the shopper’s search, on the landing page. When presented with multiple options, customers are far more likely to turn into conversions. Multi-product landing pages instil a sense of personalization in the visitors and help convert them into loyal repeat customers. Ecommerce vendors need to make use of retargeting, list-building, upselling and cross-selling in order to maintain a consistent return on investment (ROI). 

Ecommerce companies can also make use of Longtail UX, a search experience automation tool used for generating multi-product landing pages. Longtail UX combines multiple products per unique search query onto one landing page, creates a multi-product template which is designed to the eCommerce website’s specifications, hosts these pages on an ultrafast content delivery network (CDN), and swiftly delivers the pages through the reverse proxy process.