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Generate Leads with our Marketing Automation services in Hyderabad
Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the technique of using technology to automate all the marketing tasks and processes. It is used to maintain our content consistency across all channels. We develop stunning creatives combined with compelling content. Integrating all of our systems to the marketing automation platforms gives us the best possible outcome.

It enables us to monitor our website and improvise based on the results. We work on a wide range of marketing automation enabling platforms; like Adobe Campaign, Pardot, Eloqua and Hubspot. Also, by using open source platforms such as Mautic, we develop custom automation platforms.

Marketing automation enables cross-channel marketing. We begin by understanding the various consumer segments who could be the potential buyers of the brand. Then we keenly observe the consumer’s buying behaviour regarding the brand; like what factors are to be considered, what concerns need to be resolved and how much time it takes to make a simple conversion happen.

We build data-driven programs for generating new leads. Also, we conduct visual testing to get an idea about how the customers would experience market overflows. We then map out all the touch points such as phone, email, social, display and offline interactions with the consumer over the buying cycle. We then develop a communication strategy encompassing the form and manner of information communicated to consumers at various stages of their buying journey.

Marketing automation has had a tremendous impact in the form of better opens, click-through, leads and revenues. This has also resulted in cost savings and given rise to new targeting opportunities for our profile of brands.