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Measures for Tackling Close Variants

There were three keyword match types during the initial stages of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising: exact match, phrase match and broad match. Later, similar phrases and relevant variations were included in the broad match type.  

These close variants are the slight variations of keywords which allow the advertisement to be triggered and they help to connect with people who are looking for your business. However, they are driving extraneous traffic; which is similar to committing click fraud. Now, the close variants constitute a considerable share of paid search advertisements. But they result in low-converting traffic. 

Measures for Tackling Close Variants

Advertisers and marketers need to closely monitor the search query reports and vigorously add negative keywords. They can detect and block fraudulent clicks by making use of certain third-party software tools which have been specifically developed for discarding unimportant close variants. 

Some examples of the software tools are given below:


It offers n-grams that can be added as negatives to deal with close variants. These n-grams analyze the words/phrases within all query data so that you can look for non-converting words.


This software tool assists in pinpointing low-quality close variants. 


These are free tools that help in automating routine tasks and in gathering data. They also help to monitor close variants.


This tool offers a script that adds negatives for reversing close variants.