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Measuring Digital Success During Uncertainty

There has been a very marked shift in consumer search behavior over the past few weeks. While the overall search traffic has increased, the conversions have been reduced considerably. At present, the indicators of website conversion are the news media as well as the estimations of the economy.

Measuring Digital Success During Uncertainty

Businesses need to clearly understand their audience now more than ever. This can be accomplished by going through their analytics over the last few days and checking the paths which the visitors are taking to navigate. The most paths taken by the visitors give businesses an idea about the audience’s interests as well as requirements. Businesses should make note of the path of those visitors who are converting. Also, they need to be straightforward in their communication with existing customers. Running email lists through databases can provide businesses with several insights about the audience, such as demographics, home ownership, political orientation, and any other pertinent details.

It is more important than ever to keep having an online presence during this period of uncertainty. Now is a good time for businesses to amp up their content creation efforts as well as their search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. This includes monitoring their paid ads and taking a fresh approach towards marketing.