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Latest Features of Microsoft Advertising User Interface

Microsoft Advertising has added several new features in recent times, the most prominent one being the updated user interface (UI). Microsoft has reiterated its ‘Advertising Editor’ as well. All these changes have been part of their rebranding strategy. Visitors will find a popup/icon asking them if they want to switch over to the new UI.

Latest Features of Microsoft Advertising User Interface

Changes have been made to the ‘Overview’ section and the ‘Account Summary’ section. New features such as ‘Double Sidebar Navigation’ and other extensions to the ‘Microsoft Ad tools’ section have been added. Listed below are the changes made and the new features added:

Overview section

The ‘Overview’ section is a very resourceful addition for the ad manager. It keeps track of the performance of one ad account or all the accounts in the user’s ‘Business Manager.’ 

Account Summary section

All the buttons and dropdowns in the ‘Account Summary’ section have remained the same. Only the sequence in which they are presented has been changed. The front and center position has been occupied by the search field box. The custom columns, downloads, and segments options have been shifted to the far right of their usual position. 

Double Sidebar navigation

Users navigating between different ad accounts or other search engines find it easier to switch the contexts with the help of the double sidebar. This is also possible when users move from an open to a collapsed view of the sidebar and vice versa.

Microsoft Ad tools

The Merchant Center link is in a spot different from that in the previous user interface. Links to  Microsoft Ads Editor and intelligence tool are also provided.