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Performance Marketing and its Present Impact

Performance marketing is gaining popularity during present times. Surveys on consumers are indicating their preference in established brands; as well as their interest in the message being conveyed currently by these brands.

Consumers have expressed interest in hearing brand messages such as commitment to product availability, commitment to the employees working for the brand, commitment to product safety, and commitment to regulating the price/cost of the products. Also, brand trust is a significant factor in influencing consumers’ buying decisions. 

Performance Marketing and its Present Impact

Most of the consumers are planning on spending money in certain areas when the lockdown ends, including eating out at any restaurant, traveling, retail shopping, recreation/personal care services (like hair care, yoga, gyms, etc.) along with sporting events. There is a consistent shift in consumer behavior and brand visibility is now more important than ever. Several brands are now creating informative and inspirational content and extending their free offerings for helping the consumers.

Advertisements that are optimistic and sensitive help in grabbing consumer’s attention during the current period of uncertainty. Generally, performance marketing campaigns enable marketers to measure the brand reach as well as the conversion rate. However, at present, brand reach is exactly what marketers are focusing on.