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Planning a Digital Strategy amid COVID-19 Crisis

It is now the appropriate time for businesses to start planning their digital COVID-19 recovery strategy. They need to make use of this opportunity to stay connected with their consumers and prospects. Businesses need to develop recovery plans and strategize for the relaunch of their products/services before the actual recovery occurs.

There are several various ways in which businesses can plan their digital COVID-19 recovery strategy; some of which are as listed below:

Planning a Digital Strategy amid COVID-19 Crisis

  • Reviewing their website and modifying it as need be
  • Cultivating consumer and prospect relationships with compelling content, as well as collecting insights on the shifting user behavior
  • Developing a coherent plan for relaunch which can be executed as soon as recovery is well underway

Businesses need to take certain essential aspects like navigation, mobile load time and email capture into consideration while reviewing their website. The website should be AMP-optimized (accelerated mobile pages), provide a fantastic user experience and have a great page load speed. From an SEO (search engine optimization) standpoint, search engines also favour fast loading websites. Businesses need to assess how to upgrade their: key value proposition, service offering summary as well as their transaction path. It is also very essential to optimize their website content. Businesses should also maintain a social media presence with contests, surveys, raffles as well as practical tips.