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Pointers for Conducting an Audit of Your Google Ads Account
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Conducting an audit of your Google Ads account is very essential in order to evaluate its performance. You can discover previously hidden issues within your account that need to be addressed. This helps you to modify your account for improving its performance.

Conducting an audit includes identifying the aspects which you are going to review and learning their importance, reviewing and recording the status of every aspect in the audit, meticulously taking notes and proclaiming examples of the aspects that need to be addressed/revisited in the post-audit action plan. This audit helps in developing an action plan that includes on-time follow-up activities and processes for ongoing adjustments in the management.

Pointers for Conducting an Audit of Your Google Ads Account

Benefits of conducting a Google Ads account audit include: discovering areas of spend waste, identifying new opportunities for expansion, escalating the ongoing management processes, obtaining audience insights which can be attributed to the account as well as to other marketing channels and validating your assumptions. The audit also helps to ensure that you are boosting your pay per click (PPC) marketing ROI (return on investment).

Reviewing your business goals in order to understand your objectives, reviewing your account structure (organizing around product lines, service lines, persona targets, subject matter, logical business objectives), revisiting your account and campaign settings, organizing your ad groups, identifying the keyword trends and patterns, testing different variations of your ads, analyzing your landing pages, and developing an action plan to address key issues are the activities undertaken in a Google Ads account audit.