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Pointers for Boosting Sales by Using Instagram

Instagram is an amazing marketing platform for brands and businesses. Instagram marketing is becoming more and more popular day by day. A majority of the Instagram users follow at least one brand, discover new brands or products through the platform, as well as decide whether to buy a product/service or not by using Instagram as a frame of reference.

Boosting Sales by Using Instagram
Pointers for Boosting Sales by Using Instagram

Here are a few tactics that businesses can follow to enhance their visibility and boost their sales by using Instagram:

  • Inserting attractive images: Choosing images which connect to the audience, then enhancing those images using editing apps (such as: VSCO or Canva or A Color Story), and then posting those images on Instagram go a long way towards boosting visibility on Instagram. 
  • Running contests: Another way to boost visibility on Instagram is to run contests using ideas such as: asking users to like, follow and comment on the business posts in order to enter the contest, offering one entry for every friend the user tags in the post, as well as encouraging the audience to create their own unique posts (user-generated content).
  • Adding videos: It is a good idea to add videos with captions to the Instagram posts in order to boost engagement.
  • Including compelling content with stories: Businesses can use Instagram stories to display behind-the-scenes action to attract viewers.
  • Responding to the comments: It is imperative that the brands/businesses respond to the comments they receive for their posts on Instagram.
  • Joining the Instagram Pods: Businesses and brands can join Instagram Pods (groups of Instagram users who get together to boost each other’s followers and engagements) in order to boost their engagements.
  • Using more hashtags: Businesses and brands can use hashtags in their posts in order to grow their audience.
  • Using the links wisely: Businesses and brands can add links within their bio pages on Instagram and in Instagram stories.
  • Collaborating with influencers: It is a good practice for businesses and brands to collaborate with influencers as they help in gaining followers.
  • Inserting emojis: Inserting emojis within the posts attracts more viewers to the brand’s Instagram page.

Running attention-grabbing Instagram Ads: Businesses and brands can run ads on Instagram with compelling calls-to-action (CTA) for attracting the audience.