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Pointers for Gaining Followers on Instagram

Currently, Instagram maintains its position as the second most popular and used social media channel. The Instagram app fares in a similar manner on smartphones. Businesses that are interested in reaching more audiences and boosting engagement need to retain their Instagram stories, bio, feed, and hashtags.

Pointers for Gaining Followers on Instagram

Listed below are a few pointers for brands interested in gaining more followers on Instagram:

  • Creating a content calendar with worthwhile ideas
  • Posting well-formed images and videos
  • Examining several different dimensions and filters
  • Reassessing their Instagram analytics
  • Tagging the persons who are interacting with the brand
  • Enhancing their Instagram bio
  • Asking questions in their posts and adding calls to action (CTAs)
  • Linking their website and email to their Instagram account
  • Cross-posting their Instagram content on Facebook and Twitter
  • Running campaigns and contests in order to extend the brand reach
  • Surveying the competitors’ tactics
  • Interacting through Instagram by liking and following other posts
  • Avoiding excessive text in the images
  • Keeping the images free from logos and watermarks 
  • Making use of hashtags to attract new audiences
  • Making use of geotags in order to reach the local audiences
  • Adding links in their bio only
  • Tagging products in their images and videos for driving conversions
  • Creating branded hashtags for their events
  • Reposting the posts that tag them
  • Experimenting with running Instagram ads
  • Getting their account verified