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Strategists for Political Campaign Management, Hyderabad
Political Campaign Management

Political Campaign Management

Political campaign management is an organized effort to impact the decision making process of a group of voters. Fundraising, advertising, polling and other efforts supporting the political campaign are undertaken by us. We provide the following political management services:

Political Strategy and Management
Press and Media Management
Public Relations
Election Campaign Management
Analytics and Political Intelligence
Digital Media Management
Big data and Information Management
Political Advisory Services
Political Analysis & Reporting

We have a network of top research analysts and the best campaign strategists all over India. We strive towards clear, measurable and achievable goals. Data collection, political survey, availability of political software, targeting the voters’ involvement in campaigning, reasonable pricing for the campaigning, and better reach toward the voters are the essential factors of political campaign management. They also include fixing and following a budget, keeping in line with technology, knowing the opponent and intelligent advertising.

Listed below are some of the campaign activities that we follow

Articulating our mission
Understanding the voter segments.
Developing and communicating the campaign value propositions.
Determine the channels used to reach voters.
Identifying essential resources, activities and partnerships
Campaign Planning & Execution
Feedback Management