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Role of Social Media amid COVID-19 Crisis

As the Covid-19 pandemic razes the world of advertising, prompting more and more marketers online in their attempt to stay engaged with customers, social media platforms have set new rules for the brands to abide by being human. With people uneasy and uncertain about their future and governments apprehensive about the social impact of the pandemic; Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram are all asking marketers to be mindful of the message being conveyed.

Role of Social Media amid COVID-19 Crisis

With outdoor activities coming to a standstill and more audiences moving into the digital space, Twitter’s role in a brand’s communication strategy has become more crucial. With consumers spending more time online, brands have an unprecedented opportunity to engage with their audience base. 

Twitter stated that it has asked brands to be empathetic to the customer. Companies were also asked to ensure that the messages and information presented are accurate as well as responsible and relevant. 

Similarly, Facebook, which has over 328 million monthly users in India, combined with the reach it has through WhatsApp (400 million Indian users) and Instagram, has also asked advertisers to be more apprised of the situation. Their efforts are centered on connecting people to health experts so that they can receive accurate information, as well as supporting local communities and businesses. Companies have learnt to be careful while conveying messages on social media platforms. 

People are trying to be in touch by posting safety measures instead of promoting products directly.