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Search Engine Optimization Techniques

A few major upgrades have been made to search engine optimization (SEO) in recent times. 

Some of the developments include:

  • Planning for the future and implementing existing techniques in the present: It is very important to implement existing search engine optimization techniques during the present times; which have already been tried and tested. Planning for the future involves 
Search Engine Optimization Techniques
Search Engine Optimization Techniques
  • Google has become stringent on its indexing of content: It is imperative to develop high quality content that has been well-researched in order to satisfy the user intent. The content needs to be factually correct and authenticated by authoritative sources. It is a good practice to include references at the end of any piece of content. Building internal and external links ensures that the content reaches the audience through social media as well as through websites other than the one which contains the content.
  • Featured snippets and ranking pages have made Google better: Featured snippets have enabled Google to extract content easily. 
  • Google search console and Analytics data give a clear picture of rankings: Google Analytics data helps in keeping track of the positioning as well as the performance of  websites within the search engine results pages (SERPs). 

It is highly imperative to send the correct crawling, indexing and ranking signals to Google: Sending the correct crawling, indexing and ranking signals to Google (or any other search engine) is highly imperative. It is also essential to keep in mind sitemaps and internal link structure of the websites.