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Snapchat Enables Users to Present Follower Counts

Social media site Snapchat is now enabling its users to publicly display the count of followers or subscribers of their accounts. This feature has been made available in the form of an option button for the users. Previously, only the Snapchat account holders could view the number of followers of their accounts. 

Snapchat Enables Users to Present Follower Counts

Now they can present this number of followers (subscribers) for everybody to view. Snapchat influencers and potential influencers can make the most of this update since it enables them to gain an audience. This audience can gradually grow and turn into followers/subscribers for the influencer accounts as well; resulting in a boost in advertising and sponsorship opportunities for the influencers. The total number of followers/subscribers (actual size of the audience) can also impact the effectiveness of such opportunities. 

Displaying the follower count also enables the Snapchat account holders to gain more followers; as people naturally follow what most of the others are following or have subscribed to. If any brand/business has a large number of followers/subscribers in its Snapchat account; it can be easily deduced that the brand/business is highly popular with a loyal customer base, implying that it is reliable and trustworthy.