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Strategy for Converting Website Traffic
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There are instances when your website is getting huge traffic but they are not turning into conversions. You need to analyse the reasons for this and troubleshoot in order to find solutions to them. 

You can troubleshoot by:

  • Reading your copy
  • Having proper placement of call to action 
  • Improving your page load speed
  • Determining your audience
Strategy for Converting Website Traffic

Strategy for Converting Website Traffic

Reading your copy:

You need to ensure that your copy provides the relevant information to the end user. The copy should assure users that they have found a solution and also tell them what actions they need to take.

Having proper placement of call to action: 

It is very important to have a proper placement for a call to action button. Add the button directly above the fold next to the message, so that users can understand exactly what they should do on your page. 

Improving your page load speed:

Improve your page load speed by:

  • Removing images that are not used/clicked
  • Compressing, scaling and caching other images based on where they are needed
  • Removing excess tools, plugins, fonts and code from your website pages
  • Upgrading your PHP

Determining your audience:

Determine your audience and craft the content of your web pages and funnel according to their interests. Most importantly, keep the age and gender of your audience in mind while designing and creating content for the web page.

Also, you can get your lead generation traffic to convert by adding a direct call to action (CTA) after selling a product/service, giving a guarantee (to build confidence in you), and adding a disclaimer just next to the CTA.