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Surmounting the Hurdles in New PPC Tactics
Surmounting the Hurdles in New PPC Tactics

There may be hurdles while trying out new PPC (pay per click) tactics. Budget constraints and a dearth of creative content are some of the most common hurdles. There are various different ways to surmount these hurdles in order to implement any new pay per click tactics.

Surmounting the Hurdles in New PPC Tactics

Budget Constraints: 

If you are held up due to budget constraints, you can choose alternatives with your existing budget. Some of the alternatives are listed below:

  • Halting a lower priority or less profitable campaign or channel temporarily so as to use the funds allotted to these campaigns for testing the new tactics.
  • Deciding on a sub-segment for your test or initiating your test in only one non-brand campaign
  • Conducting short and long-term performance audits in order to check whether there is a stage in which you can shift some budget

Creative Content Creation:

If you have limited resources to create new images or videos, you can use a channel’s tools. Listed below are some of the tools:

  • Google Bumper Machine which can trim existing long videos to create six-second bumper videos
  • Facebook/Instagram video/slideshow creation tools which enable you to create videos and slideshows that you can send for approval before launch

Pinterest in which you can provide 2 free pins or 1 free video for new clients