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Tactics for Managing PPC amid COVID-19 Crisis

The advertising industry has undergone a drastic turnaround with the proliferation of the COVID-19. Advertisers need to be patient and creative with the alternating environment during this ongoing crisis.

Tactics for Managing PPC amid COVID-19 Crisis

A few tactics for managing your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns during this period are given below:

  • Using business value props and messaging for promotion
  • Reassessing budgets and ad spend
  • Monitoring search behaviour
  • Making the most of digital channels

Some of the current trends which the business value props and messaging are contingent on are: working from home, social distancing, essential and medical services, home schooling, communications/ streaming/ entertainment, family togetherness, and so on. Use ad extensions such as call-outs and sitelinks to transmit the information. It is important to admit to the crisis and adopt a softer sales outlook.

There is no time like the present for reassessing your budget and rectifying the budget to ad spend ratio. It is advisable to shift your budgets to conduct campaigns for those products and/or services that are relevant during this current crisis; in order to maximize the results. Make use of the digital platforms that offer automated bidding features.

In spite of social distancing, people will be researching and purchasing online. You need to communicate about the services that can be delivered virtually along with the turn- around times for the delivery of these services. Also, you should monitor the search queries which trigger your ads as there may be a few shifts in these queries.

Now with people staying at home, consumption of content such as videos and news has risen monumentally. Also, more online communication tools are being used. All this results in less competition for advertisers who can then elevate the market share without changing their current budgets. You can consider Pinterest, YouTube and in-video ad placement options.