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Thoughts on the Much Debated Tanishq ad

The recent advertisement by Tanishq Jewellers has garnered attention, which has mostly been negative. Instead of highlighting their trademark jewellery and ornaments, the brand had chosen to portray a seemingly thought-provoking advertisement about interfaith community harmony in a single faith household.

Thoughts on the Much-Debated Tanishq ad

The advertisement is okay, per se, although when viewed through the perspective of the current state of the world, it is provocative (and not thought-provoking). The responses and reactions to this ad have been polarising in several ways. With both Hindus being offended by this ad as well as the Muslim community being outraged and issuing a fatwa against the brand, this is clearly an example of a no-win prospect. The advertisement is not even significant from the brand’s perspective (whose purpose is to showcase their products (the jewels and other ornaments)) as there is a blink-and-miss glimpse of the gold necklaces that the woman in question in the advert (the pregnant daughter-in-law) is wearing; thus defeating the brand’s very purpose for creating the advert, in the first place.

Tanishq Jewellers is a well-known and reputed brand which has been in business for quite a long time now. So, this one time blunder committed by the marketing team at whatever agency the brand had hired to develop the ad should not be held against the brand, nor against its founder.